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Aerial Photography Perfected by Kite
The Blur/CNET Asia

The Blur

San Francisco--Craig Wilson loves to fly kites so much, he went all over the world just to test out his homemade creations. What was unexpected was that once when he tried to take a picture with a 35mm SLR in one hand and the kite in the other, he had what he described as "a light bulb moment".

One thing led to the next and soon he was flying a 20ft wing span kite with a remote-controlled camera over people's head and capturing a bird's eye view of different places. This went on for 20 years and now he had just released a picture book aptly titled "Hanging by a Thread, A Kite's View of Wisconsin."

Although there are no mentions of what camera he used to capture the shots or the process of it, we'd like to salute Wilson for his commitment and ingenuity. After all, his idea weighs much less than the Verhagen X2-Special 26Cam we reported earlier. If you are interested, this book is available on for $23.