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Adorama Debuts Summer Travel Photography Series

source: Adorama

Looking for photo-friendly travel destinations? Today Adorama unveiled Adorama Photographs America, a summer-long series of articles that focus on destinations throughout the United States. The first of the series, which goes live today, is written by veteran photographer and photography writer Joe Farace and focuses on the American Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Written by Adorama's world-class team of photography experts, each Adorama Photographs America installment will take you to a different locale and provide you with locations, times, and events that are particularly photogenic.

Adorama Photographs America is part of the Adorama AIRC Learning Center, which offers hundreds of full-length how-to features, camera reviews, buying guides, and short tips for photographers at all levels of experience. It is part of Adorama's ongoing efforts to support the photographic community by providing education and other resources.