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A New Dawn for Airborne Cinematography Arrives
Dubbed as the industry's most advanced aerial camera system yet

VAN NUYS, Calif., June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Traditionally, when people hear the word Eclipse, they associate it with the occurrence of one celestial object surpassing another, casting a shadow on those behind it, creating a spectacular and vibrant visual affect. The cinema world will soon witness an astronomical event, making eclipse synonymous with the industry's most advanced aerial camera system that surpasses the stability, steering and pointing capabilities of any other aerial system on the market.

Filmmakers constantly push the limits of technology in an attempt to capture ever increasingly creative shots. While the universe for a filmmaker's creative vision is solely restrained by the boundaries of imagination, the process of actually transitioning their creative vision into viewable imagery is in direct relation to the technology capabilities of the camera system. Pictorvision has combined art and science to create the eclipse, offering the ability to capture spectacular and vibrant aerial visual images, like never before. It's a new dawn for airborne cinematography.

Two years in the making and through intimate collaboration with the world's most creative DP's, the eclipse embodies a commitment, focus and passion for aerial cinematography and features Pictorvision's patented XRMotion Management(TM) technology. With this technology at its core, the eclipse offers the highest level of stability, unmatched precise and responsive steering, an absolute level horizon and greater choice in digital or film camera and lens package integration. "Throughout the development process, we received valuable feedback from key industry influencers and we consistently heard that the inability to hold the horizon and unresponsivesteering were the main limitations of current systems" said Mark Chamberlain ,Pictorvision President and CEO. "The eclipse not only guarantees an absolute level horizon, it pairs the highest level of stability with an order-of-magnitude increase in precision and responsive steering" he added. XR Motion Management(TM) technology incorporates an Inertial Navigation System (INS)allowing the eclipse to be the only aerial system that can claim a guaranteed level horizon and unmatched responsive steering for capturing the most challenging of aerial shots.

This latest product offering assists in positioning Pictorvision as thefirst aerial stabilization rental company to provide customers with an entire spectrum of stabilized aerial product solutions specific to the needs of filmmakers. Pictorvision provides choice: matching the right system to any budget, removing single system and rigid price point constraints. Pictorvision can accommodate everything from high-end 4K digital, 35mm, costeffective SD, Super 16mm, or anything in between. Pictorvision's aerial product spectrum covers the entire range of output options, offeringcinematographers the flexibility to choose a system that will best transitiontheir creative vision into reality.

Pictorvision is the leader in stabilized and precision control solutionsfor the entertainment industry. With over 30 years of experience, Pictorvision has a rock solid pedigree that spawned the aerial stabilization industry. The Pictorvision Aerial Suite of products includes the Pictorvision eclipse, Wescam 35 mm, Cineflex systems, Wescam HD and Wescam SD products.

SOURCE Pictorvision Inc.

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