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3P's Fabrics Travel on Space Mission

Astronauts Peggy A. Whitson, Expedition 16 commander; Clayton Anderson (left), STS-120 mission specialist; Daniel Tani, ISS flight engineer; and cosmonaut Yuri I. Malenchenko, flight engineer representing Russia's Federal Space Agency, pose for a photo in the Harmony node of the International Space Station while Space Shuttle Discovery is docked with the station.
Four banners printed with pigmented ink at Country Cotton FR (IQ-IJ 217) for the space shuttle flight STS 120

July 22, 2008-- 3P InkJet Textiles' banners were on board of the 23rd shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Country Cotton FR (IQ-IJ217) fulfilled the high NASA safety requirements for space shuttle flights.

Bay Area Imaging LLC, a digital imaging shop near the Johnson Space Center in Houston produced four small banners for STS-120, a space shuttle mission to the ISS. The Italian Space Agency ordered the banners for the European-built Harmony module, which was delivered and permanently installed to ISS.

"NASA was very specific about the type of fabrics that were allowed on the shuttle and eventually approved Country Cotton FR, a 3P InkJet Textiles Corp product. It was very helpful for the approval process that 3P publishes detailed specification and test reports", Walter Bernard said, the owner of Bay Area Imaging LLC.

3P InkJet Textiles Corp continually updates and strengthens their product quality and safety standards. Technical data sheets, guidelines and certificates have been made available for download (

Country Cotton FR has passed the laws regarding flammability in the USA, even the strictest Californian flame retardant test. In Europe the media has obtained the high sophisticated certification M1 (non-flammable). Besides the 100% cotton fabric is environmentally friendly at the whole production process and also is biodegradable.

"Our Country Cotton FR is flame retardant coated according to meet international standards for indoor advertising banners and the point of sales market. I did not expect that our products would fly through the orbit - an amazing evidence for our high product safety", Thomas Pötz, director of marketing and product development, stated.

Country Cotton FR is definitely a legal fabric for use in public buildings such as airports, museums, exhibition centers and theaters. The cotton material produces perfect printing results with any large format printer using dye or pigmented aqueous ink. The micro-porous coating meets the needs of the most discerning customers. It ensures the demanded accuracy and consistency for clear, sharp and long-lasting images.

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