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3D Film Takes Audiences on Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean

BELLEVUE, Wash., July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightspeed Design, Inc., in association with DeepSea Ventures, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the digital 3D Stereoscopic film, "DIVE! Manned Submersibles and the New Explorers."

Utilizing deep-ocean manned submersibles in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington State, principle 3D photography for "DIVE!" was realized in late 2006 by stereoscopic filmmaker Lightspeed Design of Bellevue, Washington.

In order to fit into the small, three-person submersible, Lightspeed custom-engineered an opto-mechanical dual camera rig for two Panasonic HVX-200 High Definition cameras. The advanced rig creates precise control of camera offsets, which is determined by Lightspeed's 3D algorithms and proprietary live HD video streaming software (

During the voyage two lost shipwrecks were discovered 1000 feet below the surface. Both were fishing vessels, one of Japanese origin and the other most likely American.

The ships were located by Deep Sea Ventures ("DSV"), a deep ocean exploration company based in Spokane , Washington. The research vessel ValeroIV - Seattle , and submersible experts Nuytco Research Ltd. of Vancouver , BC, supported the mission.

"Finding the fishing vessels was an incredible experience," said Guy Zajonc, DSV's founder and veteran deep diver. "With my sons, I've had the chance to visit famous wrecks like the Titanic and the Bismarck , but here was something truly undiscovered."

About the Film:

"DIVE!" is a stereoscopic 3D digital theater experience for aquariums,science and maritime museums that will inspire children and young adults to follow their sense of adventure and discovery. This 22-minute high-definition 3D film combines computer graphics and live-action to literally take the audience along for the ride as a unique expedition of "Citizen Explorers"voyage in submarines to the bottom of the ocean.

Viewers experience cutting-edge submersible technology and learn just whatit takes from the professionals who handle them. Plunging beneath the waves,they share in the discovery and exploration of a shipwreck splayed out on the ocean floor, and witness inhabitants such as octopus, sharks, and enormous squid. Ultimately they experience first hand nature's miraculous ability to create "fortune" from misfortune - to transform destruction into new life.

"Dive!" is narrated by Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live and opened June 21 at MOSI in Tampa , Florida.

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Lightspeed Design, Inc., headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is aveteran executive producer of inventive 3D visual experiences for corporate marketing, museums, and attractions. Lightspeed's clients include Mercedes,GMC, U.S. Government, Continental-Teves, Procter & Gamble, Nintendo ofAmerica, IMAX Corporation, and Disney Imagineering.

DeepSea Ventures (DSV) is a deep ocean exploration company based in Spokane , Washington. Founder Guy Zajonc is a veteran of 6 deep-waterexpeditions: Japanese submarine I-52, RMS Titanic, the Battleships Bismarck ,1810 deep Atlantic wreck, SS Republic and the first deep-water search for Amelia Earhart .

SOURCE Lightspeed Design, Inc.