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20x24 Polaroid Camera, Film Offered Again

Polaroid, in conjunction with the Wisner Manufacturing Company is offering two versions of the 20x24 system. A field version of the 20x24 camera, with separate film cassette and off camera processor has been available for nearly two years. The most recent addition to the Wisner family is a replication of Polaroid's original 'all in one' design. These options offer the photographer great flexibility depending on their needs.

The field system features great portability with its three component parts. It allows delivery to remote locations using standard package carriers and can be transported locally in a large car or minivan. The camera 20x24 the cameras The legendary 20x24 camera, regarded for many years as one of the most unusual and most amazing photographic tools has entered a new phase.

Once limited to the original five units and available only in select rental studios it is now being offered for sale by Wisner Manufacturing Company. The cassette film holder weighs 35 pounds when loaded and the processor 50 pounds. Because of the light weight and interface frame the camera can shoot in vertical or horizontal format.

The field camera can also be positioned at increased angles, allowing unusual perspectives relative to the subject. Rear standard tilt also allows greater control of image perspective when shooting still life and architectural subject matter. The light weight of the system allows it easier access to remote location areas, bringing large format photography to new levels.

The Wisner 20x24 field system can be ordered with multiple Polaroid film cassettes to facilitate sequential shooting or different film types. Conventional film cassettes can also be ordered as an option in sizes ranging from 20x24, 16x20, 12x20 and 11x14. The field system can be ordered with a wooden Reis tripod with or without studio dolly or with the new studio stand, offering four point support for quicker studio operation.

The new Wisner 20x24 Studio system replicates the classic all in one design of the original Polaroid camera system of the 1970s. This design houses the processor back in the camera itself, constricting it to a vertical format with no rear movements but allowing faster sequential operation. This heavier system is more at home in the studio but can be transported in a cargo van for location shooting. These two large format systems allow the professional photographer an unparalleled creative experience. From fashion and beauty, to portraiture and figure study, to still life and architectural photography, these Wisner 20x24 systems allow the artist to completely control and monitor the evolution of their creative vision.

Shooting sessions become a team effort with all of the creative staff participating in the process, from art director to photographer, from model to stylist, or even visiting bystander.