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Wacom Unveils New Brand Initiatives and Vision

Vancouver, WA – Sept. 13, 2007 – Wacom, a global company that develops and markets leading computer interface devices, today announces its new brand concept and corporate look, clearly setting forth its ambition for continued growth, as measued by broader adoption of its renowned pen tablet technology within the consumer sector, as well as expanding the use of pen-based devices for business computing applications. The new brand, unveiled today in tandem with the celebration of Wacom’s 25th anniversary, is most evident in the new corporate website.

“To support our brand awareness, we have developed the concept ‘Open Up, Sense More’ to act as a focal point for the company brand and the next phase in our growth,” said company president Joe Deal. “Wacom invites people to embrace technology to explore new forms of communication and find new ways to express themselves.”

Wacom has long been known as the company that inspires computer users, novice and professional alike, to achieve the very most from creative software applications such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Corel® Painter™ and Nik® Color Efex Pro™ through the use of Wacom’s patented, wireless and battery-free pen technology.

Working with over 100 creativity-oriented software applications, the Wacom pen offers navigational freedoms with “pen-point” accuracy and an uncanny ability to capture expressive pen strokes in seemingly infinite levels.

Pressure sensitivity, a key ingredient to the Wacom experience, provides a pen-on-paper like feel that is so real it mimics a natural media sensation. Building on its vision for the future, Wacom aims to better serve the home and business computing markets with technology that charts a course toward further innovations in human interface devices.

To facilitate the next stage in its growth, Wacom will aggressively address the consumer market, recognizing that many business and home users are continually looking for ways to communicate more personally and create freely in the digital domain. Wacom’s new brand initiatives are evident in the launch today of a new family of pen tablets, called Bamboo™.

This new family of pen tablets includes Bamboo, for enhanced productivity and personalized input, as well as Bamboo Fun for those looking to unleash their creative expression. With tag lines of “Make Your Mark” and “Create Your World”, respectively, each product encourages users to explore the unlimited boundaries of digital pen usage and navigational, creative and production freedoms not found in other input devices. See Bamboo family highlights at the following microsite.

“This is a tremendously exciting time for Wacom as we are initiating programs that embrace the future and myriad uses of our human interface technology,” said Deal. “We have focused our efforts on offering innovative and highly intuitive products, not only to the professional photographer, designer and artist, but also to the home and business user.”