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Trend at CHA Summer Show: It's All About the Hybrid Scrapbooker

The "Make and Take" is a popular way for manufacturers to showcase their new products to CHA attendees.
Diane Berkenfeld

Prizes are raffled off at the Provo Craft booth during CHA.
Diane Berkenfeld

The overwhelming trend at the CHA Summer tradeshow and convention, held last month in Chicago, IL, was about understanding the hybrid scrapbooker, and what she means to the future direction of the scrapbooking market.

The "hybrid scrapbooker"or "tradigital" scrapbooker eventually made it into the conversation, whether at seminars or as individuals pitched the latest products at their booths.

Hybrid scrapbookers are generally digital when it comes to photography. They’re comfortable using computers, shooting and editing their images digitally; they have discovered the ease of digital scrapbooking. But, they also see how they can incorporate traditional scrapbooking products and techniques as well.

For the traditional scrapbook retailer, "they’re only trying to protect what they know," says Lucidiom’s Kesley Anderson, VP Scrapbook and Craft Business Development. She explains that these retailers fear digital scrapbooking because they don’t understand how digital can complement traditional scrapbooking.

Digital scrapbooking is presently the fastest growing category within scrapbooking. Barbara Kotsos, Sr. marketing manager, Scrapbook Solutions, for Epson, suggests that instead of being intimidated by digital scrapbooking, retailers should use it as an opportunity to become the one-stop-shop for everything their customers utilize in scrapbooking. This includes teaching digital classes, selling the software, and showing examples of hybrid work.

Scrapper’s Guide’s Linda Sattgast, suggests that retailers need to introduce their customers to hybrid scrapbooking. "Education is the key to whether or not you succeed with digital," she says.

The sentiment mirrors what photo dealers have been going through with digital photography. Just like any other new product being brought into your store, you need to promote the different products and services to your customers. Simply placing a box on a shelf won’t sell, but promoting it-"selling it"-to your customers will.