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Tamron Posts Free Podcasts

June 1, 2007, Commack, NY — Imagine attending a concise, well focused, entertaining mini-course on your chosen photographic specialty, taught in a friendly hands-on style by an articulate and knowledgeable pro. Now multiply that by nine and you’ll have some idea of what it’s like to download all the incredible Tamron Podcasts--including four brand new titles—currently available at no cost by simply going to, clicking on lenses, and going to the learning center podcast list.

You can download any or all of these inspired, brilliantly produced instructional videos directly to your computer and review them in full detail with great sound, or take them along and view them on the smaller screen of your video-enabled iPod™ or other portable device—just the ticket for getting that helpful hint when you actually need it.

The latest quartet on the Tamron Podcast hit parade include two gems by noted L.A. outdoor photographer Don Gale on selecting the best lenses and using his proven techniques to get great scenic and wildlife pictures. Shot in Yosemite National Park, they include breathtaking imagery, along with savvy suggestions on how you can achieve the same, even in less spectacular settings.

In the next new release Michael Ayers of Lima, Ohio, one of the top photographers on the wedding circuit, gives you precise instructions on lighting, posing and direction that will let you take your bridal portraits to the next level using lenses from a 90mm macro to the ultra-versatile 17-50mm f/2.8 Tamron. Finally, accomplished commercial photographer Andre Costantini takes you on an amazing photo excursion through the gritty streets of Detroit with a long-range Tamron zoom to uncover amazing abstracts, architectural classics, and iconic urban images—all with an eye to maximizing your creativity.

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of these amazing Tamron Podcasts is their excellent production values and abundance of clear, concise tips that are practically guaranteed to improve the quality of your images and your whole photographic experience. Whether you download the latest releases mentioned above (they’re earmarked NEW in big red letters) or the previous five on surfers and scenery, an aboriginal inspired fashion shoot, macro in New York’s Central Park, wedding videos, and natural light portraiture, we guarantee that you will be enlightened and entertained.

We hope you’ll also be inspired to check out the amazing line of compact, lightweight, pro quality Tamron lenses used to capture each and every one of the images showcased. And don’t forget—the Tamron Podcast program doesn’t stop here. We plan to expand this exciting series in the near future so be sure to log on frequently so you can be among the first to download the latest releases and share them with your friends.

Tamron is a leading manufacturer of lenses for photographic, industrial, laboratory, video, digital and scientific applications. Among its many optical and mechanical innovations since the founding of the company in 1950, Tamron's development of mass-produced hybrid aspherical elements in 1997 paved the way for high ratio zoom lenses. This technology was incorporated into the groundbreaking 28-200mm and continues with the new 18-250mm developed exclusively for use on digital SLR cameras and featuring an unprecedented 13.9X zoom range. Tamron has won more awards for its high ratio zoom lenses than all other lens manufacturers combined.