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Software Cinema Boot Camp with Jack Davis

Award winning author, designer, photographer and Photoshop Hall-of-Famer Jack Davis has a full-day training camp coming to your area!

A full day live seminar for $99. Seating is Limited

For more information & registration go to:

This all-new, five-part seminar is packed with indispensable insights, techniques and time-savers to make your experience in Photoshop (especially the new CS3) less painful and more productive, not to mention dramatically more creative and profitable.

Session 1 - Streamlined Workflow in the new Bridge, ACR and Photoshop CS3
In this hour Jack will demonstrate his simple, logical, and sanity-saving Workflow - from camera capture to Bridge organization to Raw manipulation to Photoshop retouching, enhancing and output. This session also covers how new features in CS3 (as well as features that have been tucked away in Photoshop for years) like Photo Downloader, Bridge Stacks, ACR's Parametric Curves and Smart Filters can make a huge difference in getting great work completed fast and in a manner in which last minute changes are a breeze.

Session 2 - "Smart" Nondestructive Image Optimizing
Maximizing the Color, Tone, and Dynamic Range of your photographs is the first and most important step in the digital process of creating powerful imagery. But how do you do this in a way that gives you the best possible quality, doesn't involve saving multiple versions AND let's you change ANYTHING at any time (including all adjustments, filters, and even cropping and scaling)? Welcome to Jack's demonstrations on the CS3 world of Smart Filters, Smart Adjustments and Smart Objects, where flexibility and freedom to experiment are the name of the game. Combine these Smart features with the enhanced Camera Raw, Merge to HDR command, Black & White Adjustments, and ability to Quick Select and Refine Selection, and you have an incredible set of image optimizing tools that we couldn't have dreamed of a year ago!

Session 3 - Quick and Easy Photo Retouching
Here Jack starts with techniques on how to nondestructively retouch directly in Camera Raw (on JPGs as well as Raw files!) and will then explain how to use CS3's near-miraculous powers to Align and Blend multiple shots (portrait, product or landscape) to easily create an impossible best-of-all-worlds masterpiece. Also covered will be step-by-step instruction on skin softening and wrinkle reduction (using the new Clone Source feature), as well as complete image resuscitation, for when you just have to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

Session 4 - Image Enhancing, Painting and Creative Effects
Sometimes you want to go beyond what was captured, to what was experienced, and for those times having a bag of tricks on hand can mean the difference between your audience being sadly unimpressed or joyously overwhelmed. This session will cover creating incredible Black & White and Sepia Tone conversions (and demonstrating why and when not to use CS3's exciting new Black & White adjustments), and soft focus and shallow depth-of-field effects. He'll also show how to paint natural media effects in Photoshop, from edge treatments to hand crafted watercolors.

Session 5 - Collaging, Combining, Printing and Presenting Your Work
Finally, Jack will show how to quickly combine images into creative collages for everything from ads and brochures to wedding albums and memorable scrapbooks. Also, using more enhanced Photomerge magic, Jack will demonstrate how to create instant breathtaking, jaw-dropping panoramas with just a few simple clicks. The day will end with an overview of how to automatically create self-running slides shows and animated web sites of your work, as well how the new Printing options in Photoshop CS3 will finally help bring an end to the "what you see, ain't what you get" scenario that we know all too well!