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Quantum Instruments Inc. Announces the Qflash Online Academy

Quantum Instruments Inc. recently announced the Qflash Online Academy.

A series of ten 5 to 6 minute video lessons featuring Will Crockett on using Qflash, Turbo Batteries, FreeXwire and Qnexus. How they seamlessly integrate with each other and how best to use them in different practical lighting situations. The lessons will start with Qflash basics, then progress to equipment setup, including the best camera settings for consistent results, use of light modifiers and advanced techniques.

These lessons can be viewed on line at, just click on the Qflash Academy link and choose which lesson you would to see or you can request a free Qflash Academy DVD.

For more information, contact Quantum Instruments Inc. at: 10 Commerce Dr., Hauppauge, NY. 11788; Tel.#631-656-7400, Fax#631-656-7410,, e-mail: