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Photography by Don Offers Three New Workshops for Summer

Photography by Don presents three upcoming workshops. These three events will feature Don sharing his tips and techniques for getting the location shots that make these trips come alive again when you get back home and view them. All three involve folks that have made it possible to share in a special photographic experience.

First, Samy's Camera is sponsoring a Catalina Island Workshop with Don that will offer a chance to enjoy a few days on this nearby, seaside paradise. Combine your love of the outdoors while honing your photographic techniques to record the wonders of the island. We'll be getting there ahead of the summer crowds and have a chance to explore Catalina from behind the lens, as well as having time to enjoy the remarkable sites the island boasts. Coming up soon, this takes place May 16th -18th.

Next up - In June, join us in Illinois, for a long "Weekend on the Farm." A new adventure for this Southern California "city slicker", some different photo opportunities will include; wildlife in their natural habitats, farm country, historic architecture, log cabins, horses, riders and much more. This takes place in historic Pike County, which we're told is "one of the most inspiring outdoor locations in Illinois". On top of all this, the workshop cost includes all meals!) There are a few spaces left but, that won't last much longer.

And finally, we're returning to Rabbit Island up in the Vancouver area of Canada, in late July/early August, once again, courtesy of Orange Coast College. This is our third summer workshop on the private island that was donated to the school. We've considered this to be the best "all-inclusive" workshop that's offered, because this one includes lodging, meals and transportation to and from the private island in the cost. (Does NOT include transportation to the Vancouver area) The sad news here, and some of you may have heard this already, is that the school will selling the island shortly. Our friend at OCC, Bob Mendoza, assures us that the workshop will take place this year, but once the transfer occurs, the college may not be able to offer any courses on the island in the future. (They are hoping to find someone that would be willing to work with the school, but there is no way to know what the final arrangements will be.) So, if you've considered this one at all, this may be the last chance to go.

All of these trips are listed on our website, just go to our "Workshops" page and click on the events and you'll be linked directly to more information and details on how to sign up for these special outings. Of course, you can also give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We're continuing to add more dates, locations and opportunities to come out and see Don and hope you'll have the chance to join us at one of the upcoming events.

Contact Photography by Don at 4511 Santa Anita El Monte, CA 91731, (626) 448-3691, e-mail: