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Photo Club Lets Youths Capture Campus on Film
Students' work is on exhibit through August

It was a new experience for students who joined the Kids' Corner Photography Club at Cy-Fair College this past spring.

Their unique black-and-white images, which focus on aspects of the campus, is on exhibit in the Cy-Fair College library through August.

The photography club was created with a mini-grant received by Troy Huechtker, associate professor of arts and photography at Cy-Fair College, and Melanie Metzger, assistant director of children's library services.

The five-session program was designed for 12 children ages 8-12.

While Huechtker informed the students about composition, camera management and film developing, Metzger taught photography history and science.

The experience was a success for teachers and students, Metzger said.

"We provided point-and-click cameras with a zoom lens," she said. "They came with a natural curiosity. That's what interested us the most. They learned about photography from start to finish."

Students were given cameras during the final weeks to capture the Barker Cypress campus on film.

"We wanted to get their perspective of the world and see what's interesting through their eyes," Metzger said. "They took a whole roll of film and developed it here. We were quite impressed with what we saw. There idea of photo composition really came through."

Each student was allowed to choose two pictures for the exhibit.

Sisters, Morgan and Madison Poff, both students at Sampson Elementary in Cypress, were fascinated with their KCPC discoveries.

"I knew how to use a digital camera, but not this kind of camera," said Madison Poff, 9.

"It was pretty easy, but we had to learn how to use them. We got to take pictures of anything we wanted so I took pictures of a field of grass blowing in the wind. I want to do this again. The teachers were pretty good."

Morgan Poff, 10, liked learning the history and how much goes into taking a photo.

"It was fun and cool because I had never done anything like this before. I learned how to use a different kind of camera. I took a picture of a sign saying, `Tobacco-Free Campus' because I like the idea that there is no tobacco here," she said.

Metzger has plans for having the KCPC continue next spring.



What: Kid's Corner Photography Club Exhibit

Where: Cy-Fair College Library, 9191 Barker Cypress Road

When: July-August

Admission: Open to the public

Information: 281-290-3211 or