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Pharmacy Launches Online Digital Imaging Solution Using LifePics

Boulder, CO, October 26, 2007 LifePics announced today that it is now the online digital imaging solutions provider for Kerr Drug, a North and South Carolina chain of community pharmacies known for its exceptional customer service. With the LifePics solution, Kerr Drug will offer its customers a very broad range of products, many available in one hour, through the most open platform in the online imaging industry.

"We loved the openness of the LifePics solution," said Anthony Harrison, Category Manager - Photo & Beverage at Kerr Drug. "Because they work with virtually every lab in the photo industry, we knew their solution would integrate with our Konica equipment, as well as any print equipment we decide to use in the future. LifePics was the obvious choice to provide our online photofinishing services." Using the LifePics solution, Kerr Drug customers can easily upload, store, and share digital photos online, as well as order prints to be picked up at the store in an hour. Customers can also order several fun and innovative photo products, such as photo books, calendars, greeting cards, magazine covers, and other unique photo gifts that are perfect for the Holidays.

"Kerr Drug has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent service and convenience to their customers, and we are proud to be able to provide them with a flexible, open online solution that fits with their business model," said Vahe Christianian, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at LifePics. "Kerr Drug can now offer their customers an online imaging solution that continues to uphold their tremendous reputation for customer satisfaction."

LifePics is the market leader in online imaging solutions for photofinishers and professional photographers. Using LifePics' technology, photofinishers and professional photographers are able to accept orders from consumers via the Internet and send those orders directly to a photofinishing lab that is most convenient to the consumer.

More retailers use LifePics than any other online imaging solution. LifePics' customers include mass merchants, large food and drug chains, local camera shops, and independent photofinishers. Retailers offer the service at more than 13,000 stores across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. LifePics works closely with retailers to help build their online photo businesses.

LifePics is an open solution that works with a variety of photo software providers and photo Web sites. In addition, the service supports a number of different print options orders can be sent directly to stores for 1-hour service, or routed to major wholesalers, gift providers, photo book manufacturers, or a variety of other printers.

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Kerr Drug is taking the vision of community pharmacy farther than any other drug chain. The company has placed its future on its unique ability to provide patients, the medical community, and health plan sponsors, access to the most comprehensive and convenient health and wellness offering in the industry. Kerr is currently providing services in many of its stores that far exceed the traditional drug store mix. Kerr's vision of retail community pharmacy is on the cutting edge of everything innovative about diagnostic, disease state, and drug therapy management.

Kerr Drug strives to be the most comprehensive provider of pharmacy and related health care services, while continuing to be the most reliable provider of health related and convenience items. In pursuit of this mission, Kerr Drug operates in an environment of integrity for their stakeholders: their associates, their shareholders, and their suppliers.

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