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Panasonic LUMIX to Launch Digital Photo Academy

PRNewswire -- Panasonic LUMIX launched the Digital Photo Academy, a series of workshops for all digital camera owners whowant to maximize their cameras' features and create more rewarding and enjoyable photo experiences. The academy, offering courses at three different levels, rolled out in 20 cities, including New York, Los Angeles , Chicago and San Francisco , in May. Courses in each city will be taught by al ocal professional photographer, giving students ongoing access to photoexperts and resources in their own community.

In each market, courses will be taught in professional studios, museums and other inspirational locations. To view the locations and schedule of all 20 cities visit

"Panasonic is focused on creating cutting-edge cameras and photographictechnology that makes picture-taking easy and delivers consistently crisp andclear results," said Alex Fried , National Marketing Manager, Imaging,Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. "We have found that many digitalcamera owners -- both beginners and experienced photographers - are not takingfull advantage of all the features their cameras have to offer that wouldallow them to take their digital imaging experience to the next level.Creating the Digital Photo Academy is a logical next step in our drive to makedigital photography simple and enjoyable for everyone."

The Digital Photo Academy, which features local photographers as theinstructors, will offer three levels of courses, meeting the specific needs ofany type of digital camera owner. Levels include: "Beginner" (a three-hourcourse) which discusses red-eye reduction, creating scrapbooks and other basicpoint-and-shoot digital camera skills; "Intermediate" (a four-hour course)which teaches the versatility and precision of digital SLRs; and "Advanced" (atwo-day course) which addresses professional-level skills for photoenthusiasts looking to take the next step. Students are encouraged to developtheir skills through the academy's different levels and also take advantage ofthe instructor's local presence as an added resource.

To create the nationwide Digital Photo Academy, Panasonic joins forceswith R2Rainmaker Marketing, whose president, Richard Rabinowitz is a photoexpert with more than 25 years in the photography industry. As formerpublisher of publications like American Photo and Popular Photography,Rabinowitz has helped assemble top-rated professionals and even award-winningphotographers as instructors in each city.

"By creating this program, Panasonic is taking the lead in delivering atruly complete resource to all digital camera owners so that they can maximizethe potential of their camera," said Brian Smith , Pulitzer-Prize winningphotographer and an instructor at the Digital Photo Academy in Miami . "I'mexcited to be a part of this program and teach my own local community what apowerful and enjoyable tool a digital camera can be," added Smith. "Thisprogram is unique in that students are welcome regardless of the digitalcamera brand they own, so they can learn practical skills with the camerathey'll use once the course ends."

To coincide with the Digital Photo Academy workshops, Panasonic LUMIX willalso launch in late-April, which will allow onlinevisitors to view the academy schedule, read instructor profiles and accessinstructional materials.

Beginning in May, the Panasonic-sponsored Digital Photo Academy offers the three-level courses once a month in the following markets: Atlanta , Boston , Chicago , Cleveland , Dallas , Denver , Detroit , Houston , Indianapolis , Los Angeles , Miami , Minneapolis , New York, Orlando , Philadelphia , Phoenix , SanFrancisco , Seattle , Tampa and Washington, D.C. For more information and tocheck specific city locations and dates, visit www.DigitalPhotoAcademy.combeginning in April.

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R2Rainmaker Marketing Services, LLC

R2Rainmaker Marketing Services, LLC, established in 2006, works withphotographers to build photo-industry businesses, while also supportingnational charitable causes. Based in New York, N.Y., R2Rrainmaker MarketingServices has experience in book and magazine publishing, celebrityendorsements, curriculum development and building photo workshops. Inaddition, the company provides services in retailer liaison, spokespersonprocurement and can also produce television commercials, videos, multimediaprojects, DVDs and Web sites. For more information