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PNY and Ironkey Partner to Deliver Military-Grade USB Flash Device to Retailers

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – October 26, 2007 – With concerns about identity theft on the rise among consumers nationwide, PNY Technologies®, Inc. and IronKey have partnered to deliver IronKey's Secure USB Flash Drive through retail channels. The IronKey has been designed with military-grade standards for hardware-encryption and tamper-resistant durability.

It provides an unprecedented level of data security and protection of online passwords, critical documents, files, and images to consumers. The relationship between PNY and IronKey gives retail shoppers access, for the first time, to a secure USB flash drive that meets the requirements of the nation's most demanding security experts.

PNY will open up the broad consumer market for IronKey by selling a cobranded IronKey Standard Edition 4GB Secure USB Flash Drive into retail stores. This product will include the IronKey Standard Edition's normal feature set:

• Internet authentication software to protect online accounts and passwords;

• Private web surfing using the included Mozilla Firefox® web browser;

• A backup client to easily create encrypted backups and restore data if the device is lost or stolen;

• As well as government-level AES "always on” encryption to safeguard data at rest and on-the-go.

• No additional hardware, software, administrative rights, or drivers are required.

The IronKey Secure USB Flash Drive, which has a high-speed data transfer rate (up to 20MB/sec. write, up to 30MB/sec. read), is housed in a rugged metal casing that is filled with an epoxy-based potting compound, making it both waterproof (MIL-STD-810F compliant) and tamperproof.

"Because identity theft and data security are top of mind for many consumers, especially computer and Internet users who need to access and store valuable personal and financial information, this is an ideal time for PNY to partner with IronKey to deliver a device to retailers that is designed to be to the world's most secure USB flash drive,” said Dean Delserro, senior marketing manager of flash products for PNY. "Most importantly, the PNY 4GB IronKey drive protects data both during online transmissions, especially across unsecured wireless hotspots, as well as when that same data is stored on the IronKey.”

Delserro also said it is ideal for all users of personal computers - college students, home workers, owners of small businesses, travelers - whether they are creating documents and spreadsheets, storing photos, using instant messaging, or sending e-mail from public computers.

"PNY Technologies is a terrific partner for the retail channel given their strong reputation among consumers and brand recognition as a trusted provider of computer and mobility-related accessories, such as USB flash drives, flash memory cards, PC memory, consumer graphics and more,” said Steve Ryan, Senior Vice President of Business Development at IronKey.

"Most USB devices available to consumers today are functional but completely insecure. The press is replete with stories of people losing flash drives carrying extremely sensitive private data, which exposes those individuals to all sorts of dangers, such as identity theft. The problem will only continue to grow as USB devices become pervasive computing platforms. Thus we believe it is imperative that a USB drive with the extensive level of security only IronKey can provide gets into consumers' hands today.” Designed for Windows XP and Vista, the cobranded PNY 4GB IronKey drive retails for $149.99, is available through and began shipping in October to major retailers, etailers and distributors including BestBuy, Staples, TechData, and IngramMicro.


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