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LAgraphico Open House on June 7 to Highlight Durst Rho 350R
Commercial imager for movie, gaming industries appeals to 'Green'-conscious clients

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Durst Rho 350R Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet Printer
Durst Rho 350R Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet Printer

Burbank, Calif., May 16, 2007 – LAgraphico, one of Southern California's top imaging solutions providers to the entertainment industry – and perhaps the nation's leading "green" commercial imager – will conduct an open house at its Burbank facility on June 7.  One of the highlights will be the "demo" of a new superwide Durst Rho 350R Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet Printer as part of a comprehensive, four-station exhibit of its environmentally responsible operational model, LAgraphico and Durst Image Technology U.S., LLC said today.

LAgraphico Principal Brandon Gabriel said his company decided upon the Rho 350R to expand its grand-format imaging department because of its image quality, superior workflow and ability to meet LAgrahico's robust environmental standards.  The 350R prints on the recycled and recyclable roll materials LAgraphico employs in its work for clients, and Durst inks are VOC-free, according to the stringent European Council Directive 1999/13/EC.  Many UV inks contain a "solvent carrier," used as a viscosity agent.  But Durst inks employ different, environmentally friendly ingredients, Durst said.

Gabriel said the Rho 350R fits into the larger matrix of environmentally responsible equipment, materials and processes that increasingly define and strengthen LAgraphico's "green" operations, and that will be on display for clients, press and other interested parties during the open house.  Plans call for four stations exhibiting a different aspect of LAgraphico's environmental approach – from printing to materials selection and disposal to soft-proofing to administrative procedures that eventually will help LAgraphico "go paperless in many aspects of our business," he said.

"We're not trying to save the world in a day, we're trying to do our part one step at a time," said Gabriel, whose LAgraphico client list includes NBC/Universal, Paramount, Microsoft/XBOX 360, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., Activision, Nokia and Vivendi Games.  "There's a delicate balance between the environmental issues and being able to provide our customers with a wide variety of the quality displays they want.  Our new Durst printer plays a major role in helping us deliver on both sides of that delicate balance."

Founded in 1978 as a printing brokerage, LAgraphico evolved into a single source for virtually every aspect of commercial printing – creative, pre-press, output, retouching, post-production services and delivery.  The company provides its high-profile clients with POP, banners, packaging, brochures, collaterals and other printed materials from standard sizes to grand format.  Prompted by California regulations and the environmental sensibilities of founders Al and Liz Shapiro, LAgraphico has handled its business in "green" fashion since before it was fashionable, Gabriel said.

Today's owners – Gabriel and brothers Dan and Tom Stillwell – are taking every reasonable step to make environmental concern an integral aspect of the business, Gabriel said, adding:  "As LAgraphico clients increasingly turn their attention to environmental concerns, we're proud to be well ahead of the curve with our 'green' initiatives."  All of these initiatives will be on display at the open house.

Rho 350R

The Rho 350R is an 11.5 foot-wide (3.5m) digital imager equipped with Durst's proprietary Quadro™ Array print technology and utilizing the most flexible, adhesive, VOC-free UV inks available – formulated especially for Durst – for virtually any indoor or outdoor superwide-format application on an extremely broad range of uncoated rolled media types and materials.

Durst has incorporated features and capabilities most important to the producers of superwide-format images.  All are controlled by an advanced software program on an optimized Linux workstation accessed through Durst's "True Touch" on-screen user-interface.  This configuration – which eliminates the need for a keyboard – accommodates all common image files and manages them efficiently.  A familiar "hot folder" system is used to move and track image files.  Users RIP, transfer and print jobs simultaneously.  Also, jobs can be loaded into a print queue and sequenced for unattended operation.

Among the Rho 350R's features are user-selected gloss or matte finishes, precise registration for accurate two-sided printing, dual media roll loading positions, and a motorized roll take-up unit.  Media rolls can be changed in less than five minutes.  At the start of a job, a "skip white" function recognizes when image information initiates and shuts down the print carriage (but not the media transport) until the appropriate moment.  This makes printing quicker and more cost-efficient, Durst said.

"We're very pleased that LAgraphico has selected the Durst Rho 350R to provide its demanding, environmentally conscious clients with a solution that meets their business, creative and social needs," said A. Ron Waters, President and CEO of Durst U.S.  "Currently, U.S. regulations regarding solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds are not as strict as Europe's, but more North American clients are seeking vendors who employ 'green' processes to deliver the image quality they require.  Durst UV inkjet printers directly and effectively address those dual needs.  Our UV-cured inks are less harmful to the environment than traditional solvent-based inks currently in wide use in large-format printing."

For more information about LAgraphico, interested parties can contact Brandon Gabriel:  phone (818) 295-6100, e-mail Or visit:

About Durst

Durst Phototechnik AG is a leading manufacturer of digital imaging systems for graphic, pre-press, signage, commercial/retail display, packaging, industrial and photographic applications.  Headquartered in Brixen, Italy, the company operates manufacturing facilities in Brixen and Lienz, Austria; has major offices in the U.S., France, United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico; and partners with exclusive agents in 120 countries.  Durst's reputation for quality, precision and reliability spans more than 70 years.

Durst Image Technology U.S., LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Durst Phototechnik Group, is the exclusive distributor and service provider for all Durst professional digital imaging equipment in the United States and Canada.  Durst's professional imaging products include the renowned Lambda laser imagers, Rho large-format UV inkjet printers, Theta roll-to-cut print photo imagers, Sigma high-speed film scanners, photo album creation systems, and other products.