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Kodak Digital Advances Enhance Experiences at XX Olympic Winter Games
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TORINO, Italy--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 1, 2006--Long before the Olympic flame lights the skies at the Opening Ceremonies for the XX Olympic Winter Games here, Kodak digital imaging technologies will be in place to fuel the security, photojournalism, and health care needs of thousands of Olympic participants.

As the Official Imaging Sponsor of the Olympic Winter Games, taking place February 10-26, 2006 in Torino, Kodak brings its most advanced imaging technologies to Torino. These include scanning and imaging technologies used to create security badges; radiology and dental imaging technology to help diagnose and treat athletes' injuries; onsite image-rich printing and publishing services; and support for thousands of photojournalists capturing the drama of the Olympic Winter Games using digital photography.

"The Olympic Winter Games captivate people from around the world, and offer a rare opportunity to showcase athletes, professionals and enthusiasts through Kodak's digital imaging prowess," said Antonio M. Perez, Kodak Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Kodak's role - dating back to the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 - has been to help people capture, share, and protect their images. Kodak's digital technologies in Torino enable us to do exactly that."

Accreditation: security badges by Kodak

With security an international concern, Kodak document imaging technologies will produce some 300,000 security badges and 60,000 visa credentials required for athletes, officials, volunteers, and sponsors at the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Each credential will be produced in a record-breaking time of just 10 seconds. Using a bank of KODAK Digital Science Color Scanners 3590C, a team of eight Kodak technicians will capture Olympic participants' personal information from paper applications. The data will then be merged with each applicant's digital photo to create an electronic record, and security credentials will be produced.

"Kodak's ability to repurpose data through our scanning technologies will help streamline the enormous task of producing all accreditation badges for some 300,000 athletes, coaches, sponsors, contractors, volunteers, and security personnel," said Kodak's James Langley, president, Graphics Communications Group, and a senior vice president. "Virtually everyone who takes part in the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games except spectators will wear a security badge created with Kodak technology."

About 75 KODAK EASYSHARE digital cameras will be used to photograph each applicant. Credentials will be printed using the KODAK PROFESSIONAL ML-500 Digital Photo Printers and professional thermal media. In addition, 50 KODAK 8660 thermal printers will be networked and placed at 23 remote sites around the Olympic venues to use in replacing lost credentials for Olympic participants.

Medical imaging and communications at Olympic Winter Games

Throughout the Torino region, Kodak Health Group products will support staff in three area medical facilities: a central polyclinic in Torino, a second polyclinic in Sestriere, and a remote satellite facility in Bardonecchia. Should athletes face major injuries, their injuries will be examined using state-of-the-art medical imaging information technologies, including:

-- Two KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR 9000 Systems that capture patient x-ray images digitally in seconds.

-- One KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR 975 System and two CR 850 systems that quickly and easily deliver exceptional image quality. The CR 975 is Kodak's top-of-the-line, multi-cassette computed radiography (CR) digital capture system.

-- KODAK CARESTREAM RIS (radiology information system) for managing the diagnostic exam process, and enabling fast and efficient storage, distribution and on-demand retrieval of a patient's entire radiology record to authorized users within the three interconnected polyclinics.

-- KODAK CARESTREAM PACS (picture archiving and communications system) for secure and immediate viewing of web-based, digital medical images and critical healthcare information by physicians and radiologists on special high-resolution monitors. Kodak's PACS also provides CD production capabilities to allow a flexible output of patient information to meet referring physicians' needs.

-- KODAK DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems for printing of digital x-ray exams to radiographic film for sharing with referring physicians or for archival purposes.

-- KODAK CARESTREAM Hosted Information Management (HIM) for remote archiving of patient data and medical images in the Secure Data Center of Albacom in Milano, Italy to securely safeguard patient information.

Approximately 800 medical imaging exams will be conducted by 15 volunteer radiologists and 21 radiographers at three polyclinics during the Olympic Winter Games. Kodak will have more than 20 specialists and applications consultants on site to support these healthcare professionals during 34 days of operations of the polyclinics.

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