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India Sublime: Princely Palace Hotels of Rajasthan

India Sublime cover

India Sublime
Photography by Melba Levick and Text by Mitchell Shelby Crites and Ameeta Nanji hardcover 9² x 12²;  272 pages $65.00 U.S.
Rizzoli New York
ISBN 13: 978-0-8478-2979-8
HC: 0-8478-2979-0
Release date: November 2007

USA - Located in Northern India, Rajasthan is the legendary land of kings. The palaces of Rajasthan date back to as early as 760 AD; their vividly painted walls, delicate stonework, and opulent décor are testament to the splendid lifestyles of the maharajas and maharanis who once lived in them. Within the last fifty years, the rise of tourism in India has fostered the renovation of many of these palaces, and Rajasthan is now one of the world¹s most popular travel destinations. Visitors there can experience for themselves the pleasure pavilions, spectacular gardens and pools, intricate frescos, mosaics, wall paintings, and the vast marble halls adjoining jewel-box mirrored rooms once occupied by the Rajput kings.

Rizzoli is pleased to announce the publication of India Sublime:

Princely Palace Hotels of Rajasthan, a sumptuous photographic survey of twenty-one magnificent palaces, which are now heritage hotels. In 250 color photographs specifically commissioned for this book, the armchair traveler gets an inside look at these magnificent structures as well as their decorative details. A special feature of the book is the inclusion of a brand-new palace hotel, conceived and built as a visual tribute to the best aspects of its historic counterparts. A list of the hotels included in the book, along with addresses and contact information, aids interested travelers in planning a visit. 

With architecture and decorations ranging from Art Deco to modern, from Indian folk styles to English Colonial, India Sublime¹s palaces of Rajasthan, both old and new, will captivate the imagination and enchant the senses.

About the authors

Melba Levick is a widely published photographer who works primarily in California, Paris, Spain, and Mexico. She has more than forty books to her credit, and has been the photographer for many best-selling Rizzoli titles, including California Mediterranean, Casa California, Estate Gardens of California, Great Gardens in Small Spaces, Desert Gardens, and Beach Houses, among others. Mitchell Shelby Crites, an American art historian, has lived in India for forty years. He has collaborated with noted Canadian photographer Roloff Beny on a number of books and is the personal friend of the royal owners of numerous heritage hotels. Ameeta Nanji, of Indian origin, was born in Kenya and currently lives in Los Angeles. She has traveled extensively throughout India and has collaborated with Mitchell Shelby Crites on numerous exhibitions and design projects.

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