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Image Trends Announces AutoMatting

image trends automatting example
An example of the AutoMatting software shows a unique background or matt created from the image itself.

Image Trends, provider of innovative digital imaging tools, announced AutoMatting, its latest software title at Photosohp World last month. AutoMatting automatically creates and adds a unique mat for each image and resizes the image to the aspect ratio of virtually any display device. The software operates in a batch mode for increased versatility.

AutoMatting will initially be available as a stand-alone application for Windows-based PCs, with a MAC version following as market demands dictate.

“AutoMatting is a photographers dream” said Dan Sullivan, president and CEO of Image Trends, Inc. “It is more that just a productivity tool for the photographer, it awakens the emotion of the customer because as they view the presentation of images they relive the event” Dan furthermore says that, “The bottom line, emotion sells.”

AutoMatting operates in a batch mode and provides a folder of images with unique mats. Each mat contains the colors and patterns from the image and uses a lighting technique to create a unique beveled edge for the mat. This program provides visually consistent sizing between horizontal and vertical images with no black bars on the screen. The resizing to the chosen aspect ratio allows for faster display on the TV or Monitor. The beautiful mats extend the image onto the mat and enhance the viewing of the image.

Automatting has an intuitive, simple to use GUI that allows the user to add folders or individual images for processing, pick a Destination Folder, choose the Screen Resolution from the pull down menu, push the Process Images Button; within seconds per image the unique digitally matted images are presented.

Go to for more information or to download a trial version.