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Hi-Tech Framer ProEdge Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

ProEDGE will celebrate its 10th Anniversary by adding a new color to its hi-tech framing system, the company recently announced.

In celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the company will be introducing a special new “10th Anniversary” framing color in January 2008. To vote for the color of your choice, go to and click on the “survey” link to cast your vote.

It was 10 years ago that a digital printer in Central Missouri had an idea. Ric Brady, founder of ProEDGE, was one of the first to invest in wide-format imaging technology.

The parent company of ProEDGE then began to experiment with a precision mitering tool it invented to allow for the installation of custom frames to mounted prints.

Today, ProEDGE, is the manufacturer and patent holder of the fastframer precision framing system. The company offers three models of mitering tools.

These hi-tech moldings, which look like aluminum, are made of a special hi-tech plastic co-extrusion. They are available in six different gap widths and 13 different colors. The different gap widths allow the framing of photos or images to be mounted to virtually any standard graphic art board substrate, such as foamboard, gatorfoam, pvc, and plexiglass.

"By utilizing our U.S. patented technology our customers can measure, notch and install a ProEDGE frame in about two minutes," said Brady. "The average aluminum frame takes a minimum of 10 to 20 times more labor to miter and install."

"When everything is finished, it is virtually impossible to distinguish an image framed with an expensive polished aluminum frame from that same image framed with ProEDGE," he added.

The company said there is "huge" difference in material costs, installation labor, finished weight and tools needed to complete the job of framing the image in aluminum vs. ProEDGE. The product is made for photographers, photo finishers, digital printing, signs, and anyone who seeks a “finished, professional edge.”