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Gardens in Transit
NYC taxis wrapped with children's artwork

portraits of hope logo
portraits of hope voluneers
Volunteers wrapping the taxi cabs.
Diane Berkenfeld

portraits of hope graphics
Graphics were installed on the hood, truck, and roof of the taxi cabs.
Diane Berkenfeld

wfi portraits of hope
Working side-by-side with professional installers, Wide-Format Imaging magazine’s editor, Denise M. Gustavson, had the chance to get hands on at one of the three install locations in Manhattan.
Diane Berkenfeld

voluneers portraits of hope
Project volunteers worked side by side with professional installers.
Diane Berkenfeld

taxi wrap medallion
The vinyl is trimmed away to reveal the cab's medallion.
Diane Berkenfeld

portraits of hope wrapping
Volunteers work side by side with pros to wrap vehicles.
Diane Berkenfeld

This September, MACtac partnered with Portraits of Hope to wrap as many as 13,000 New York City taxi cabs with MACtac IMAGin B-Free vinyl, which was painted by children across the country. The program, Garden in Transit, is designed to help children overcome difficult circumstances and build self-esteem through public artistic expression. The project also coincides with the commemoration of the 100 anniversary of the New York City taxi cab.

Approximately 800,000 square feet of IMAGin B-Free covered the floors of dozens of after-school programs, hospitals and pediatric care centers, serving as the canvas for the artists. MACtac provided Portraits of Hope and the New York City Taxi Authority with application support, and will provide guidance during the removal process at the completion of the project.

During the kick-off on September 12, NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg said, "Think of this as a great opportunity to give thousands of kids—many of them sick and disabled—the thrill and pride of creating something that will travel the city streets and be seen by millions. For the thousands of people who take part, Garden in Transit promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, as one of New York’s most enduring symbols is turned into a colorful canvas."

Professional installers from all over the US worked side-by-side with local volunteers to install the graphics on the NYC taxi cabs throughout September.

"Portraits of Hope brings families and communities together to help children in need," said Tara Foote, corporate marketing manager for MACtac. "It is truly a unique opportunity to participate in such a large-scale graphics application involving an American icon. It will be a very special time for the city and children who make it all happen."