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FUJIFILM Pre-Paid Mailers Now Available

Retailers can now offer their customers the convenience of pre-paid mailers for Fujifilm’s film and One-Time-Use Cameras (OTUC). For the occasions when consumers can’t find the time to drop off their film or OTUCs for photofinishing—or are in a remote area without a photofinisher nearby, they can now send in their exposed film/OTUC for photofinishing. Consumers can purchase the pre-paid mailers at the time of their film or One-Time-Use camera purchase, mail the exposed cartridge or camera, and then have the prints conveniently delivered to their door.

“This program offers the consumer value and convenience. It brings quality Fujicolor processing right to the consumer’s doorstep with easy-to-use postage paid mailers,” said Rafi Haqqani, Senior Product manager for One-Time-Use Cameras, Fujifilm U.S.A., Inc.

The pre-paid mailers are sold separately, and are available for 35mm film and 35mm One-Time-Use cameras. Each mailer holds one roll of film, or one OTUC. Within 7-10 business days, consumers will be mailed back their 4x6s, printed on glossy Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper.

Suggested retail prices for the pre-paid mailers are $15.99 for the 35mm film mailer and $17.99 for the 35mm OTUC mailer.