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Chinatown Film Festival Photography Exhibition Ready For Applicants

The Chinatown Film Festival is proud to announce "Perceptions of Chinatown", a photography exhibition that invites photographers from around the world to submit images that represent their views and feelings of the various Chinatowns around the world. The 60 - 80 top entries will be selected for an exhibition that will go up in New York City's Chinatown, and these photos will then be displayed on the internet and compiled into a book.

This exhibition is a part of the events leading up to the Chinatown Film Festival (CFF), which is set to take place in New York City's Chinatown in October, 2008. The CFF is the first of its kind, bringing 25 films from Asia for a competitive festival in North America. The theme for the first CFF is: "The Bridge: Connecting Cultures through Film in the Heart of Asian Traditions". In bringing these modern treasures from Asia and sharing them in a city as international as New York, the CFF hopes to promote greater cultural understanding and exchange through the arts.

The goal of this project is to try and understand what Asian communities outside of Asia are like, and how individuals interact with their Chinatowns. Photographers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to submit the image that most strongly defines Chinatown as they experienced it through their lens. Through participating in this project, photographers will help the CFF's mission to use the arts to give separated cultures a point of contact. From food to crafts, day to night, and people to places, this exhbition will show off the many and often unexpected views of these fascinating communities.

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