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60's Iconic Photographer to Exhibit with Her Film Editor Daughter

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A painter and sculptress, who happen to be daughter and mother, will show their work together as the InsideOut 2007 exhibition opens at the Edgemar Gallery on Main Street in Santa Monica on November 8, 2007. InsideOut runs through January 8, 2008 showcasing daughter Katina Zinner's ( ) large format "Flowing Abstracts" oil series and mother Christa Zinner's bronze nudes and busts. In their "real lives," Katina is a feature film, television and documentary editor and Christa, a 60's iconic fashion photographer and now sculptress; together they are child and wife of the Oscar-winning film editor, Peter Zinner.

While Katina is a film editor by trade, she has been painting since she was a young girl, presenting her first solo exhibit at the age of 11. Her giant multi panel oils are emotionally driven expressions, the color, shapes and textures of which are inspired by her love of the ocean and profundity she finds in nature.

"While editing, it is a collaborative process where I put together great moments already captured on film," says the wild haired blonde. "When I paint, it's almost the antithesis, where my most personal internal experiences are expressed onto a canvas along with no other input but the stare of my pet Dalmatian, cats, birds and fish. There are times when swimming in the ocean or hiking that I actually absorb the shapes and colors into my body and they manifest in my paintings."

As a 1960's photographer who shot luminaries of prominent figures such as Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Fred Astaire, Thomas Mann, and Ronald & Nancy Reagan, Christa's photographs graced covers of magazines such as Life, Glamour, Look, Ebony and Town & Country. She worked with visionary fashion pioneer Rudy Gernreich, who invented the topless bathing suit and was first to use vinyl, see-through and cutouts in clothing. Her classic busts of unique personalities and lifelike bronze nudes capture moments of human pondering, consternation and bliss.

"After years of seeing the height of fashion through a camera lens," says German born Christa, "I am still fascinated by the human form and sculpting fulfills my artistic vision in a new and very palpable way."

Ironically enough, the entertainment industry duo's work will be shown at the Edgemar Gallery, whose board members include Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Kate Capshaw, Patricia Heaton, Martin Sheen and Jason Alexander.

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