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Sinar Bron Imaging Recognizes Student's Mastery of Storytelling with $5,000 Scholarship

EDISON, NJ, September 2007 — Sinar Bron Imaging, the exclusive US distributor of broncolor, Foba and Sinar professional photographic equipment, has awarded the $5,000 Carl Koch Scholarship to Ross Thompson, a third year advertising major at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Erik Benjamins from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles; Jacquelyn Cynkar from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh; and Brian Kellet from Columbia College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH, received honorable mentions. The scholarship, presented this year for the first time, commemorates Sinar’s founder and photography pioneer Carl Koch (1916-2005).

"Mr. Thompson is a very gifted image maker both technically and conceptually, and his level of expertise is evident in his photography," said Cathy Strobel, President, Sinar Bron Imaging. "All of the elements in his work — creativity, photographic skill, composition, lighting — come together to create a powerful narrative."

A long-time student of Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical art, Mr. Thompson, 21, is specializing in people illustration. He used both contemporary and historical themes in creating his scholarship portfolio. Mr. Thompson shoots with medium format cameras and lights his work primarily with strobe lights.

"I light every shot very carefully and pay detailed attention to the specifics of the image," explained Mr. Thompson. "The propping has to make sense with the set, the set has to be descriptive enough to explain where the story is taking place, and the characters’ actions have to be believable. "

Among the photography programs and schools submitting students’ work were Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina; Art Institutes International in Minneapolis, MN; Fashion Institute of Technology; Idaho State University; Minneapolis College of Art and Design; New England Institute of Art; Rhode Island School of Design; and St. John’s University in New York.

"Both Sinar and Sinar Bron Imaging were very pleased with the quality and range of submissions to our first scholarship competition, and excited that so many educational institutions nationwide are actively encouraging photographic excellence," added Ms. Strobel.

The 2007 Carl Koch Scholarship was open to any undergraduate student pursuing a degree in photography. Carl Koch invented the Sinar view camera (1948) and the universal shutter (1951). He changed professional photography by simplifying camera settings and adding selective exposure metering at the film plane (1968). "Photo Know How," a self-teaching course Mr. Koch authored in addition to a series of textbooks and guidelines for professional photography, became a worldwide standard.

Sinar Bron Imaging is the exclusive US distributor of Sinar, Broncolor and Foba, the legendary names that represent a 60-year legacy at the forefront of developing the world’s highest-quality high-end photographic and lighting equipment. Made in Switzerland, Sinar Bron Imaging’s products deliver unsurpassed precision, consistency and image quality, empowering photographers to fully realize their creative ambitions with equipment that lasts a lifetime. For more information, visit