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National Geographic Magazine's Online Site Lets Visitors Choose Top Reader-Submitted Photos

National Geographic magazine’s Web site,, has launched an online version of the popular “Your Shot” page, where National Geographic photo editors feature two reader-submitted photos in the magazine every month.

Currently, both photographs are chosen by editors at National Geographic. Starting in October, Web users who visit will have the power to choose one of the reader-submitted photographs that appear on the magazine’s “Your Shot” page.

Online, the feature is called the Daily Dozen. Visitors can go to to view a group of daily top-12 images shot by amateur photographers. Images for the Daily Dozen are chosen from photographs submitted to National Geographic by photography enthusiasts from around the world (go to for details on how to submit a photo).

Each week, visitors to can vote on a gallery of images from the prior week. At the end of the month all votes will be tallied, and the photograph with the highest cumulative ranking will be published in an upcoming issue of National Geographic magazine. Viewers can vote for each week’s images one time only.