Marketing strategies from one of the best photography magazines for the professional photographer comes to you online. From online opportunities to creating framed images that sell in the photography studio marketplace, this is the must-have guide to photography marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies

A more impactful twist on an old marketing standard

Using e-newsletters to inform customers and prospects.

Boost your online presence (and your bottom line)

The bride may never wear it again--but she'll have great images

Increasing orders with album credits

Metal Mural offers a creative way to output and display images

Finding new clients in a challenging business environment

Offer gift cards and registries.

Let DVD portfolio mailings do the work.

Selling press-printed thank you's to your brides.

Creating décor photography that sells

By coming up with creative programs that are a win-win for you and your potential partner, you are almost guaranteed to forge a lasting relationship.

Having fun with limited-edition sessions

Selling your photography as art

Marketing to Clients & Prospects

A must-have for every portrait photography studio

Benefits to you and others

Marketing through your studio windows 24/7

Transplanted photographers open new studio

Hope calendar charity project