Specialty retailers and dealers express the best advice in marketing strategies and imaging-related business opportunities.

Business & Marketing

Manufacturers and retailers give their all for charitable causes

Creating décor photography that sells

Catering to a younger (much younger) demographic

A makeover can make a world of difference in how customers perceive your lab or store, as well as allow you to add new services and product lines. Change is good. It keeps you relevant and in the know, which translates into more sales. Here's what some of our readers are doing...

Market Pulse

I am woman, hear my shutter

Manufacturing processes, product lines, facilities-everyone's climbing onboard the environmentally friendly bandwagon

What are your tips and tricks for selling camcorders?

Today's compact digital cameras offer high quality, cutting-edge technologies, and an attractive price point-who could ask for more?

What's your Opinion

Profits in film to DVD conversion

Makes inroads in the photo and craft arenas

Color Management isn’t just a simple formula that all photographers easily adopt into their workflow. Enter the ProLab

Marketing to a targeted local demographic can be an important step to retail success

To borrow a phrase from Capital One® "What's in your wallet?®"

It’s not just about percentage-off sales or VIP treatment—customized loyalty programs keep your customers in the loop and on your marketing radar