Studio Photography

Studio Photography (The Business behind the Image), reaches 50,000 professional photographers each month in all segments of the professional photography market, with over 95% listed as studio owners/management. Our editorial focus on business practices, marketing strategies, techniques and workflow, and products & services offers the reader vital business information needed to stay competitive in today's challenging professional photography market.

In the July 2008 Issue

What a niche: When he's not at the ends of the earth on an icebreaker, David Schultz is manning his fine art gallery, selling limited-edition prints.
Client services are second only to confidence for commercial photographer
Marketing Strategies
High Impact Lighting Creating new Latin chic with an old Hollywood clock system
Lets Customers Easily Buy Images On-site
Products & Services
An internal discussion of external hard drives
Rolling carts, backpacks, camera holders, even business-card holsters-manufacturers ensure that today's newest carrying cases are keeping up with professional photographers' demands on the go
Business Matters
Ensuring your photos will last the test of time
Sending out post-production frees more time for shooting
Know how to gauge when you've gone too far.
Craig's Actions lets your creativity run wild
Lighting subjects correctly makes post-production easier.
It's easy to turn ordinary photographs­-whether portraits, landscapes, or still lifes-into extraordinary photos with the use of added graphic artwork via Graphic Authority Effects.
What do you do during your off-peak season?