Studio Photography

Studio Photography (The Business behind the Image), reaches 50,000 professional photographers each month in all segments of the professional photography market, with over 95% listed as studio owners/management. Our editorial focus on business practices, marketing strategies, techniques and workflow, and products & services offers the reader vital business information needed to stay competitive in today's challenging professional photography market.

In the October 2006 Issue

Cover Story
There are some photographers who can get by on name alone.
One of his most effective business strengths is his personality.
While not all food may appear beautiful, it's the job of a food photographer to create an emotional response
Enthusiastic clientele are drawn to his stylish, edgy, and experimental lighting techniques.
Marketing Strategies
We can focus on our relationship with the drivers and get great shots of them and their vehicles.
Products & Services
A peek at what's hot and new.
Lighting equipment can be a vital tool for transforming your subject matter into a memorable image.
The camera satisfied my need for a technical camera.
Business Matters
There are 10 major reasons why photographers' businesses fail.
Seeing such total and immense destruction was overwhelming.
Digital workflow offers endless opportunities for the professional photographer.
The learning curve is doesn't apply to how the NuLOOQ works mechanically.
When shooting video, I ask myself the same questions I ask when shooting stills.