Studio Photography

Studio Photography (The Business behind the Image), reaches 50,000 professional photographers each month in all segments of the professional photography market, with over 95% listed as studio owners/management. Our editorial focus on business practices, marketing strategies, techniques and workflow, and products & services offers the reader vital business information needed to stay competitive in today's challenging professional photography market.

In the July 2006 Issue

Cover Story
Burda's stunning still-lifes have elevated him to product-photography superstardom.
You think managing a professional photography business is a time-consuming challenge?
Marketing Strategies
Photographers who take advantage of these new technologies can set themselves apart from their competition.
Iíve found they make wonderful viewing showcases for my fine art prints.
Products & Services
Some needed information on the Epson Gemini K3.
For quality and size, the Leaf Aptus 75 is outstanding.
A guide with helpful information on new products.
All information you need to know about paper products.
Business Matters
Juggling shoots, projects, and logistics requires a professional with diverse talents.
A good photograph evokes an emotional response.
I pay all expenses up front and trade on my ability to always come back with something saleable.