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Studio Photography (The Business behind the Image), reaches 50,000 professional photographers each month in all segments of the professional photography market, with over 95% listed as studio owners/management. Our editorial focus on business practices, marketing strategies, techniques and workflow, and products & services offers the reader vital business information needed to stay competitive in today's challenging professional photography market.

In the February 2006 Issue

Cover Story
Alex Cao uses a mix of the proper lighting techniques and water in his jewelry photos.
A photographer is only as strong as his or her weakest component—which means everybody on the set has to be in top form, according to Sarah Silver.
Portland, Oregon–based photographer and mountain climber Didrik Johnck captures dazzling moments in far-off locations for cutting-edge travel and tourism clients.
Most people who come to Ohlson to have their pets photographed don't want their "best friends" to look cute or funny in their pictures.
Capturing the big day without much disruption is the photojournalistic way. Doing it with a smile and an easygoing attitude is the Vickers way.
Columns & Departments
Diane Berkenfeld recently had the opportunity to test out Apple's new imaging software, Aperture.
Some of DxO's features are available in other software programs, but nowhere else are they available in one integrated and fully automated package.
What's hot in the marketplace from: Advanced Media Inc., Pelican, Epson, Hasselblad, Gitzo, and Adobe.
SP&D presents some of the brightest performers in the professional-grade displays category. Get the lowdown on what these widescreen stand-outs can offer today's professional photographer.
Publishing a book takes more than writing and taking great images, especially with a well-known publisher. It takes a lot of commitment, passion, and most of all, perseverance.
Combine various art disciplines (photography, art, design, and sculptural elements with digital fine art printing) to create unusual visual effects.