Studio Photography

Studio Photography (The Business behind the Image), reaches 50,000 professional photographers each month in all segments of the professional photography market, with over 95% listed as studio owners/management. Our editorial focus on business practices, marketing strategies, techniques and workflow, and products & services offers the reader vital business information needed to stay competitive in today's challenging professional photography market.

In the March 2006 Issue

Cover Story
Publishing a book of photographs can help promote sales and increase a photographer's audience.
To create his characteristically vivacious, animated images, McKee has to get what he wants from the models while satisfying the client's vision.
Scott Robert Lim has built his studio by blending both portrait and photojournalism styles to create his own brand of in-demand 'prompted reality' moments.
Columns & Departments
Wes Walker explains what it takes to win and produce these popular revenue builders.
Gary Fongís Lightsphere II Inverted Dome Diffusion System offers studio-quality lighting on the run.
The latest products being brought to market by Apple, Adobe, Primera Technology, Adorama, Otterbox, and SimpleTech Inc.
Statistics show that itís much more expensive to find a brand-new client than it is to sell your service to or ask for referrals from satisfied customers.