PTN (Business News for the Imaging Channel) is the only BPA-audited news journal serving 14,300 professionals in the imaging channel and is published 10 times a year. Since 1936, PTN has served the needs of photo and electronics retailers, mini-lab owners and photofinishers, and independent and chain drug stores involved in both traditional and digital imaging.

In the June 2006 Issue

Cover Story
David Gerwels decided he needed to take control again.
Trends & Analysis
To sell a young adult you have to locate and target teen territory.
Business & Marketing
The eye-opener at AIE was the lack of boundaries between industry segments.
New Revenue Streams
All the information you need to know about Kiosks.
The Digital Deal
Probably the first thing most customers do when examining a new camera is put the viewfinder to their eye.
The newest photo industry challenge is to now get those photos out of the shoebox and onto a CD or DVD.
Education & Training
Panasonic has kicked off the campaign “Neuter Your Bunny.”
A successful photo business can have some pretty daunting price tags associated with it.