Imaging Business

Imaging Business (formerly Photographic Processing magazine) serves the imaging output services market, which involves both retail and professional output providers (minilabs, portrait labs, school labs and industrial/commercial labs).

In the April/May 2005 Issue

New output options for signmakers.
Camera phones are increasing retail processing.
Minilab supplier chart.
Packaging Suppliers Roll Out New Packaging Options.
Plano's camera stop takes the plunge and goes all digital.
Mini-directory for imagers seeking quality products for exhibition and POP display.
Using digital technology to beef up your profits
Resurgent finishing services offer add-on sales opportunities.
Current crop of scanners offers labs plenty of imaging solutions for their clients.
Columns & Departments
The latest in imaging products.
Consumers are outptting their digital images at retail and commercial locations, but more promotion needs to be done.
There is a growing market interest in enlargements from digital files.
Convenience and confidence'have'more to do with who picture-takers order their photos'from than do factors like price.