Imaging Business

Imaging Business (formerly Photographic Processing magazine) serves the imaging output services market, which involves both retail and professional output providers (minilabs, portrait labs, school labs and industrial/commercial labs).

In the October 2005 Issue

The digital workflow software being employed at labs across the country is cause for celebration.
The Color Place is repositioning itself so corporations think of it for all their output needs.
Ferrari Color (formerly Creative Color) in Salt Lake City, UT, has grown 300% in the last five years.
As digital processing becomes more accessible, photofinishers look to a variety of new products and services they can offer their customers to grow their businesses.
For over 50 years NationalPhoto has been recognized in the Midwest as a leading provider of Visual Graphics.
Take more than 30 years of thriving photo retailing experience and combine it with new digital networking technology, and youíve got a business ready to put growth into high gear.
With the latest digital minilabs and user-friendly kiosks, specialty photo retailers have an unmatched opportunity to grow their revenues and broaden their customer base.
Modest growth is predicted for digital minilabs and photo labs in wide format.
Stepping into digitally imaged signage markets may, for your company, be a step in a new direction.
Although print shops have come a long way with respect to digital photography, there is still a great deal of benefit to be gained from the variety of finishing services available.
The folks at McKenna Professional Imaging in Waterloo, IA, have something to celebrate in 2005.
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It is with sad regret that many old and current imaging people sit back and watch the demise of the APCI (Association of Professional Color Imagers).
As the output at retail market continues to grow, many analysts are predicting that digital minilab sales are also expected to demonstrate growth over the next few years, fueled by replacement sales, decreased prices, and new innovations.
In this issue, we highlight five industry cutting-age labs that offer our other readers great examples of success stories and tips of how they might succeed in the digital age.