Contributor: J. Rudy Harford

J. Rudy Harford, chief engineer for Zero Surge, began his engineering career developing ground tracking equipment for the first satellite at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. Later, he worked on proposals for the forerunner of the “Star Wars” program, where interception of incoming missiles was the goal. At RCA he developed some of the first integrated circuits to be used in television. In 1989, he was granted two patents for the series mode surge suppression technology, and subsequently developed Spectrum WVR wide voltage technology, for which he was granted a patent in 2002. Harford was named New Jersey “Inventor of the Year’” in 1991 and 2005, the only person to have been honored twice. He currently holds over 40 U.S. patents and over 300 patents worldwide.

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June 2006
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