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Secrets to marketing gallery wraps

Photo by Allison Rodgers Photography

Photo by Chuck Arlund

Photo by Kristin Farnsworth

Create opportunities to add to the sale. Customers coming in for a family portrait may only be thinking of displaying it in the living room. A collage with colorful borders and word wraps can look amazing in a child's room.

As canvas has become more popular, so have the labs that sell direct. As frustrating as it is to explain the superior quality they get from using a pro, consumers may not understand the difference in canvas quality. If you're unfortunate enough to come across the consumer who says they can get the same thing for $50 at the mall, take the time to educate them. And the best way to do that is to have samples that show off your photography skills and the custom options and artistic talents that come together to create unique pieces of art they won't be able to duplicate themselves.

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