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Before proceeding, it is important to make sure that your printer is connected and that the print heads are in good shape. That means that a nozzle check and head alignment should be run from the Maintenance menu (there's a Tab for it when you choose File>Page Setup>Properties). If your nozzle check is fine and heads are aligned, follow the PDF from the section entitled 'Selecting Your Print Settings' on page 10.

fig. 3

After you complete #7 on page 12 of the PDF, I recommend that you choose 'Save Setting' and name your saved setting by Paper & DPI (i.e. Luster1440). That way, the next time you print, you will only need to select the saved setting in the 'Custom Settings' box at the bottom of the driver's 'Main' tab (fig 3).
Let me know how it goes!


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