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Web Design Secrets

Step 10: Look to the future

Building a website is a progress that can take long periods of time to finish. During that time, you may rethink how some aspect of your site should look or behave. Resist the urge to make the designer change it unless it is a functional problem. This is the most costly mistake you can make. The designer will undoubtedly charge for these late changes. Depending on the difficulty, he/she may have to rebuild major sections from scratch.

Save up those ideas and put them in a folder for version 2.0 of your site. If you have had the site designed with incremental self updates, great. Be happy making these updates for six months or more. Save major design changes for 2.0 and add all your new ideas at one time. A good clean elegant design can last a long time. Aren't you glad you avoided all those trendy tricks you saw in the research phase?

Good Luck!

William Lombardo is owner of Skyhook Studios (, a New York City design studio specializing in digital retouching, 2D & 3D illustration, product illustration and web design. He has taught at The Corcoran School of Art, The School of Visual Arts and The New School, and offers private Photoshop and computer design classes in his studio.