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Out of Africa: A Digital Day In the Life

On Location Across the Globe

The Mission Disperse 100 photographers over the entire African continent to digitally photograph different cultures, people, and places.

The Dilemma More than half of the photographers had never shot digitally before, and the sheer logistics of such a journey was incredibly daunting for trip organizers.

Equipment List Each photographer was equipped with the following: • Olympus E-20 digital SLR camera • lithium polymer battery set • 28mm-equivalent wide-angle converter lens • 200mm-equivalent telephoto extension lens • C-4040 zoom lens • Camedia P-200 portable dye-sublimation printer • Minds@Work MindStor 5GB portable hard drive

Phase One: Training Photographers were assembled at the project's Paris headquarters, as well as in New York and Johannesburg, before the big day, where they received intensive hands-on training on the equipment and digital photography in general.

Phase Two: The Shoot Each photographer was sent to his or her selected African country, where they documented the native culture with their digital Olympus E-20s in the field. Photographers were able to print on the spot with their portable Camedia printers (which proved popular with the locals!), download to their portable backup MindStor hard drives, and burn CDs on their laptops with the day's images.

Phase Three: Compilation The weary photographers converged back in Paris, where a dedicated team used Apple workstations, GretagMacbeth-color-corrected monitors, and Photo Mechanic editing software to narrow down the thousands of stunning images.