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e-Tailing Are You Ready for the Next Revolution?

Track where your orders are coming from. When The Chicago Tribune did a story about, the orders from that region of the country spiked within hours of its release. Search engine advertising, pay-per-click directories like Google’s AdWords and even traditional channels help promote the service and let you target from where the orders initiated.

Identify New Niches
One way to further differentiate your products is to identify special niches. How about equestrian owners, golf club members and high school swim teams? Our slogan "Your Photo Privacy Our Specialty" helps build customer loyalty from major celebrity clients to political leaders concerned about preserving the integrity of their private lives. Ads in The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety proclaiming: "Any size picture can ruin your career—even a tiny photo snapshot" helped cement a growing specialty customer base.

Defense, law enforcement and automotive manufacturers’ marketing departments are also concerned about protecting the privacy of their photos. We make sure that not only are all credit card transactions and all data transmissions secured, but also that customer photos remain private, too.

Your online service should provide several business channels to help grow your business. These include: publishing special event and photographers’ pictures online for customers to easily view and place reprint orders; using copyrighted watermarks added to each image to help deter unauthorized reproduction; merchandising complementary products so customers can order items like photo key chains, coffee mugs and photos on shirts; allowing customers to order photos online directly from camera phones; and letting retailers host branded photo pages for affiliate programs so customers can store their images in a photo gallery for sharing and ordering. This is ideal for events where the guests can submit their images for the entire group to view and order. This helps create a "buzz" and more traffic to your site.

The last decade brought significant changes, but now every day brings a new opportunity to gain market share and strengthen your business. Make sure you are participating.


Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of 30 Minute Photos Etc., also co-owns Goldstone is a city commissioner in Irvine, CA, and champions his dedication to promote the imaging industry.