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Quantum’s D19w adapter
Quantum’s D19w adapter
Mac FlipViewer
The Mac FlipViewer
PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger
PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger
IgoUgo logo
 Yoram Cedar
Yoram Cedar

The Kodak One Galleries promote newest products
Throughout the month of November, Eastman Kodak opened large interactive photo and imaging exhibitions in New York and San Francisco to showcase its newest products and services. Named the “Kodak One Galleries,” the exhibitions included large photographic prints, free workshops taught by professional photographers including Joyce Tenneson, Frederic LaGrange, and Jock McDonald. Visitors were welcome to test some of the many new Kodak products, including the EasyShare-One digital camera. The 4-megapixel camera is compact and features the ability to transmit images over Wi-Fi to a Kodak online gallery, directly to a person’s e-mail inbox, or wirelessly to a Kodak printer. The company’s newest Prosumer camera models, the Kodak EasyShare P850 and P880, were also on-display, along with a new high speed print scanner aimed at the pro lab market. To read much more about the exhibitions, visit

Quantum’s D19w adapter interfaces the new Hasselblad H1, H2, and H2D with Quantum’s Qflash T5d, T4d, T2D, X2D & X4D “Digital” flashes to provide full dedication to these professional cameras. The Adapters features include wireless TTL, Auto Focus Assist, pre-flash metering, viewfinder-ready indicator, rear curtain sync, shutter-speed control, and both TTL and Auto Ratio with fill-flash. If you are using cameras other than those listed, visit to check for additional QTTL models as they are introduced.

E-Book Systems, Inc. ( released Mac FlipViewer, software that allows Apple Macintosh users to read the company’s customers’ publications in a digital 3-D page-flipping format. The software reader can be used to read online publications on the computer such as magazines, catalogs, newspapers, newsletters, and annual reports. E-Book can convert any Adobe PDF, Quark, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Word, and HTML into the XML-based page-flipping format. Tools are also provided if the user wants to do their own conversions. The digital flip technology can incorporate a variety of multimedia elements, like MP3 files, to better enhance the document. The software also allows users to skim pages, turn to any page number, and with use of its streaming download function, lets users begin reading the publication without waiting for the entire field to download.

Powerfilm Solar ( introduced its PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger line. The chargers are designed to be lighter weight while providing more power per pound than many other solar chargers. The chargers are available in five, 10, 20, 30, and 60 Watts. The five-Watt charger weighs just six ounces, while the 60-Watt charger weighs 2.6 lbs., and can fold to notebook size. Chargers can be chained together for additional power. The chargers use a female cigarette lighter adapter, and are best used to charge satellite phones, cell phones, laptops, GPS units, and other electronic devices while on assignment. The chargers can also be used to charge 12-Volt batteries for communications, water purification, and portable refrigeration systems.

iView Multimedia ( debuted MediaPro 3, a new version of its professional digital asset management and cataloging application. Many new features were added, including Lightbox, which in full-screen mode allows side by side image comparison.

APA ( and Agency Access ( have formed a new partnership in which Agency Access will be a supporting sponsor of APA National and all chapters. Agency Access will take an active role assisting each chapter in the promotion of its local events and extend a 15-percent discount to APA members on their annual membership service plan this year and every year thereafter.

ASMP Foundation is reminding potential applicants that the deadline for the fall grant cycle is rapidly approaching. The foundation, which is a charitable arm of the American Society of Media Photographers, awards grants for educational programs in photography twice a year. The deadlines are November 15 and May 15. For details visit

IgoUgo ( is one of the most popular online travel communities in the world. Site users can search by keyword to find reviews by like-minded travelers, as well as destination guides and helpful links.

They also have the option of writing their own reviews in exchange for valuable “Go Points” redeemable for gift certificates, frequent-flier miles, and other rewards. Members can easily contact one another to ask questions, exchange information, and build friendships without geographic bounds.

The in-depth reviews posted on the site are accompanied by member profiles so you know exactly whose advice you’re taking. Aside from reviews, overall impressions of destinations around the world are offered as well as breathtaking photographs and features to help travelers connect with locals and one another.

Lexar ( launched a new branding campaign that includes advertising and redesigned product packaging for its flash memory cards and accessories, and which directly supports the company’s ongoing commitment to professional photographers. The campaign will feature the theme “Take a Closer Look.”

Although Photokina 2006 is almost 10 months away, the World of Imaging is already taking shape. The new Hall 1 (formerly Hall 4) will become a meeting place for imaging professionals around the world, and the new home of the Visual Gallery and the Meet the Professionals sections.

The program will serve as a platform for international image agencies, specialist archives, and news photo agencies to showcase their services to artists and buyers from publishing houses, advertising agencies, and the industrial sector. “This is a logical development of our successful exhibition concept,” says Visual Gallery curator Gérard A. Goodrow. “The photographers whose works are on show in the Visual Gallery will be located close to other professionals and to potential clients, such as the international image agencies. They’ll complement each other perfectly.”

For more information about Photokina 2006, visit

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