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Katrina: Our Industry Responds

Katrina-ravaged Mississippi
Rolando Gomez captured this shot while helping family in the Katrina-ravaged areas of Mississippi and Louisiana
Rolando Gomez

New Orleans
New Orleans photographer Brian Crain wants everyone to remember the beauty of his city at this painful time.
Brian Crain

Pirates Alley
Gerald Brimacombe shares this image of Pirates Alley in the French Quarter as a symbol of hope for brighter days to come.
Gerald Brimacombe

French Quarter
All profits from Anne and Bill Holland's French Quarter-related prints, including this one, will go to the Red Cross for the next six months.
Anne & Bill Holland

Canon EXPO 2005 logo
Canon EXPO 2005
Cannon Gallery
Canon EXPO 2005 gallery
Andrew Darlow

Bill Clarke
Bill Clarke

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In Memoriam....Bill Clarke

Williard (Bill) Clark, a photo industry icon and the former executive director of the Photoimaging Manufacturers & Distributors Association (PMDA), died of cancer on September 24. He was 77.

Clark was associated with the photo industry for more than 40 years, both as a writer and photographer. He worked with the senior executives of virtually every firm in the industry, serving as confidant and advisor to many, and earning the respect of all.

At the time of Bill's retirement, Stacie Errera, chief marketing officer for Tamron USA, Inc., and current president of PMDA, said: "Bill always acted as a professional and was liked by everyone. Everything Bill did was in the best interest of the organization."

His family requests that anyone interested in making a donation contributes to The American Cancer Society.