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Chameleon With A Camera
Wedding Feature

Mark Sojdehee

Mark Sojdehee

Mark Sojdehee

Mark Sojdehee

Mark Sojdehee

Mark Sojdehee

Mark Sojdehee

Having fun and encouraging clients to have fun on their wedding day is the studio's mission. Sojdehee wants his studio to create unique and interesting imagery while capturing the beauty, elegance, fun, excitement, emotions, and spontaneity of the big day.

"We focus on photography in the moment, rather than the result. This creates fun and high energy for our clients and enhances the final product, because not only are our clients having fun as we create the images, but we're also enjoying the moment as we're capturing. In the end, the photographs speak for themselves."

They sure do.

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Mark Sojdehee's Gear Box

Medium--Format CameraS

Mamiya 645 AF--D with 80--150mm lenses

35mm Camera Nikon F5

Digital Cameras

Fujifilm FinePix S2 and S3 Pro with Nikkor lenses: 20mm f/2.8, 50mm AF 1.4; 12--24mm AF zoom--4.0, 17--55mm AF 2.8 zoom; 28--70mm AF 2.8 zoom; 80--200mm AF 2.8 zoom


Metz 60CT4 flash

Sekonic L--358 meters

Nikon SB--28 and SB--800 Speedlights Quantum Turbo batteries

White Lightning 3200 and 1200 Studio Lights

Calumet softboxes and screens


PCAdobe Photoshop 7.0

PocketWizard Polaroid back

Bogen tripods and light stands

Lowepro, Tenba, and Tamrac bags

Lexar 1GB CF cards

Online Service