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Working the Web: Adding Video to your Website
Boost your online presence (and your bottom line)

Emilie Sommer
Ninety percent of my clients are not local, and seventy percent book me without meeting me in person. Brides are finding me through wedding websites, message boards, and referrals from friends or vendors. Often I don't have the opportunity to meet until their wedding day. In addition to my conversational blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, I wanted my website to reach a bit further to connect with potential clients to begin a trust, a relationship. Video bridges that gap and lets folks hear my voice, watch how I talk and engage with clients, see my studio, and learn a few tidbits that they might otherwise not know about me. It's a substitute for an in-studio meeting and has helped my bookings tremendously.

I "heart" liveBooks--truly! Not knowing anything about web design, I had someone design a website for me years ago and was at the mercy of that designer's schedule to swap out images, update price lists, etc. My site quickly grew stale because I didn't have the patience or the funds allotted for such frequent changes. I came to liveBooks with my brand already in place, and they did a brilliant job creating a site consistent in color and design (important so as to not confuse longtime clients). The ease of back-end navigation and overall freshness never gets old. I am constantly impressed with their updates and offerings, and "I am the only customer" service when communicating with my sales rep or design team.

In addition to my studio interview, what makes my site unique is that I also have three client testimonial videos. Replacing the standard text quotes from former clients, three couples sat down for a When Harry Met Sally-style interview, chatting about their experience working with emilie inc. The video testimonials have garnered instant trust with potential clients who relate and connect to these brides and grooms and are moved to make an emotional decision to hire me. Video is current. It's important to strive to stay ahead of the trends and not constantly try and catch up. liveBooks has enabled this transition with ease, and I'm thrilled with the outcome.