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Paper Trail
Inkjet media needs to look good and stand the test of time

© Peter Berberian

Harman Technologies
Harman Photo has announced a warmtone variant of its GLOSS FB AL paper. Set to be available in Letter, B, Super B, and A2+ sheets, as well as 17-, 24-, and 44-inch rolls, the paper will offer all the same benefits as the brand's GLOSS FB AL paper but with a warmtone tint for creamy whites and velvety blacks. Plus, in direct response to customer requests, Harman Photo will be offering the paper in 25-sheet packs, for A2+, Ledger (B) and Super B sizes.

"Whenever a customer demands prints of truly exceptional quality, we always use Harman Photo GLOSS FB AL. It really does blow everything else out of the water. Its performance in terms of image detail and definition, tonal range, and vibrancy is amazing. In fact, even people at the top of the photography field with truly impressive resumes have a hard time distinguishing it from a traditional darkroom paper."
-Peter Berberian, Gotham Imaging, New York, NY

© Philip D. Chura

Hawk Mountain
Sharpwing Luster is a true 11-mil, opaque, resin-coated, photorealistic inkjet paper. Its bright-white, quick-drying, microporous, low-luster coating allows particularly high-resolution printing. Sharpwing Luster works with both dye and pigment ink. It comes rolled on three-inch cores and in sheets.

"I have a great relationship with my lab, but, there are times when I need to get a job out sooner, or the client changes their mind. I can relax and service my client's needs knowing that with Hawk Mountain's Sharpwing Luster photo paper, I can get results equal to my lab and have total control when I need it. The free custom profiles enable me to get accurate color across my three printers."
-Philip D. Chura, Hampton Falls, NH

HP Everyday Pigment Ink Photo Paper is a microporous paper that delivers superior image quality with HP Vivera pigment inks. This versatile, 235-gsm photo paper is available in satin and gloss finishes and four different widths (24-, 36-, 42-, and 60-inches).

"The quality of this ‘everyday' paper [both the gloss and satin finishes of HP Everyday Pigment Ink Photo Paper] is far superior to that of any paper comparable in type and price point. This new paper was extremely easy to handle coming off of either printer; it was literally dry before it was out from under the cover, even on a heavy, rich black. The overall brightness of the prints was particularly pleasing as well. We sampled images with remarkably wide gamuts and found no instance of bleeding from either machine, even at almost 400% ink coverage. The heavy weight of the paper provided the prints with a pleasing feel, equal to that of our regular ‘premium' papers. With the suggested price of this product and the flexibility to use it on any of our aqueous printers with pigment inks, it will be ideal for larger-run print jobs."
-David Henderson, R and R Images, Phoenix, AZ

ILFORD Galerie Gold is a new inkjet baryta paper. The paper is able to reveal extreme emotions captured through the photographer's lens by using "digital toning." This heavyweight pro paper produces creamy whites and velvety blacks, giving photos a traditional look and feel. This media has superior archival properties that will allow these images to endure the decades.

"It's exciting to find an inkjet paper like Galerie Gold that produces such an impressive range of tones. A photograph is designed to evoke an emotion and to freeze a moment in time. I love that on the final print I see the color I imagined when I shot it. It allows me to end the process with total control."
-Gustavo Marx, Brazil

© Bobby Bank

Inkpress Paper/Sihl;
Inkpress Paper has announced a new line of pro inkjet papers under the Inkpress Pro label. Made and marketed internationally by Sihl, the Inkpress Pro line includes: Inkpress Pro Silky, Inkpress Pro Silky Double Side, Inkpress Pro Gloss, and Inkpress Pro Baryta Warm. Common to all papers in the Inkpress Pro line are consistent quality and color reproduction. All yield excellent archival properties with pigment inks, and are available in a variety of cut sheet sizes from 8.5x11 and rolls up to 44-inches. ICC profiles are available free from the Inkpress Paper website.

"I use four papers from Inkpress at the present. I'm using the Canvas paper in my Epson R2400 for canvas prints; I also use the Photo Chrome U-Glossy, the Luster Paper, and the Matte Paper. The inks on both my Canon and Epson printers love this paper; the images just ‘pop' with the reds and yellows. The flesh tones are right on the money as well."
-Bobby Bank, Hillsborough, NJ

FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss is Innova Art's latest addition to its FibaPrint range. FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss is a 285gsm fibre-based photo-quality paper with an ultra-white, ultra-smooth, and ultra-glossy finish. New branding has been established for the complete Innova line-with five application-specific, color-coded ranges: FibaPrint, Photo, Fine Art, Canvas, and Book Art Papers.

"Since my days documenting the invention of digital printing software and technology, I've been watching and hoping for a substrate that would match the intense pleasure of pulling a final print out of the fixer. Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss 285gsm is it-the miracle I've been waiting for. With deeper blacks than any silver paper left on the market, for me this paper represents a rebirth of the darkroom. There is a true alternative: a 21st-century answer to a 30-year-old problem that means digital images can now match the peerless quality of silver papers."
-Doug Menuez, Kingston, NY

© Stephen Schaub

InteliCoat Technologies recently added Verona 250 HD to the Magiclée brand. Verona 250 HD is a high-definition fine-art paper that, when printed, offers clean, sharp images and an exceptional color gamut. This 250-gram smooth paper with a traditional matte finish is designed for applications such as art reproductions and photographic printing. A natural white, 100% cotton fine-art paper, Verona 250 HD has a water-resistant coating that's free of optical brighteners. The product is designed for use with dye, pigment, thermal, and piezo printers.

"We specialize in problem-solving for artists and are always looking for the next great paper. Magiclee Verona 250 HD has become a frequent go-to solution for us due to its large color gamut, smooth matte finish, and 100% cotton, OBA-free design. These attributes, plus the fact that it comes in roll sizes that fit the needs of our d'Vinci Printing Platform, make Magiclee Verona 250 HD an in-house favorite."
-Stephen Schaub, Indian Hill Imageworks, Pawlet, VT

© Al Eby

LexJet introduces the latest addition to its Sunset line of fine-art and photographic materials: Sunset Select Gloss Canvas. The new material answers customer requests for a smooth gloss version of LexJet's popular Sunset Select Matte Canvas. The pH-neutral, acid-free inkjet coating and bright white point allow consistency from print to print, unrivaled color reproduction, and excellent detail. It can be stretched or mounted and is compatible with popular dye- and pigment inkjet printers. The media comes in standard roll widths.

"If you want your artwork or photography to be the best it can be, the only solution is LexJet Sunset Media. For canvas reproductions, LexJet's Sunset Gloss Canvas provides exceptional stability, color consistency, and lively color."
-Al Eby, Blue Wing Gallery, Woodland, CA

© Chris Conrad

Moab by Legion
Made out of 100% cotton fibers using a traditional mould machine, Somerset Photo is an authentic photo and artist paper. The large color gamut and Dmax means that reproductions come out superbly. Somerset Photo is offered in rolls up to 60-inches wide; and sheets.

"I find Moab's Entrada Natural to be an exceptional paper for its quality and versatility. Shooting both color and black and white, I love the tonal range and smooth, nonglaring surface of Entrada. It matches the cotton mats I use to mount and frame my images, allowing me to reveal the paper without trimming or overmatting. I also have several nontraditional uses for Entrada Natural, making emulsion and dye transfers from instant film products."
-Chris Conrad, Moab, UT

© Brad Elterman

The Royal Renaissance 100% Cotton Photo Rag paper has the same inkjet receptive coating as MediaStreet's Royal Plush, Royal Riviera, and full Royal line. The bright-white, smooth-surface paper images exceptionally well with Generations Ink, as well as with most ink sets; it holds a crisp, sharp dot, allowing for a vibrant, long-lasting digital print.

"We recently held the first exhibition of fine-art paparazzi photographs at the Seyhoun Gallery in Los Angeles. We knew our buyers would be upscale and sophisticated, with a keen eye for the quality of the print. We needed the best prints on the market. That's why we approached Media Street for their Royal Renaissance 100% Cotton Photo Rag paper. We were delighted with the results and so were our buyers, the gallery curator, the media, and the public."
-Brad Elterman, Buzz Foto LLC, Santa Monica, CA

© Andy Marcus

Oriental Photo
Oriental Photo launched two new fiber-based inkjet papers, Smooth Glossy (with the same surface as its darkroom fiber-based paper) and Supreme Matte. According to the company, photographers who have contributed to the development of exhibition fiber-based paper have commented that it not only reminds them of silver-halide, but also offers greater creative control due to extraordinary Dmax and tonal transition in black and white, as well as the ability to print extraordinary color with the same paper-something that wasn't possible with traditional fiber-based papers. All of Oriental Photo's fiber-based papers are available in cut sheets and rolls.

"When I was only shooting film, I used Oriental New Seagull Fiber-Based B&W for my albums. Now with a digital camera, I get the same quality pictures with the Oriental Graphica Fiber Base line as with my traditional fiber-based paper. This is true when I print B&W as well as color. Oriental Graphica Fiber-Based Inkjet paper continues the tradition of Oriental Photo quality."
-Andy Marcus, New York, NY

Photo Tex Group
The exclusive removable, reusable, repositional Photo Tex Media offers a new venue for photographers. By printing a high-quality, vivid image onto the substrate, you can place this material indoors or out, on any wall, window, door, or floor and easily remove it with no harm or residue to the surface. Photo Tex doesn't rip or wrinkle and can be used over and over again.

© Bryan Linden
Premier Imaging

PremierArt Platinum Rag is a unique, museum-grade, OBA-free cotton paper with a low-gloss surface similar to fiber-based B&W papers. This paper is on a 100% cotton base and has an acid-free coating that yields the highest Dmax and color gamut of any cotton paper on the market. Its unique luster surface is compatible with both matte and photo black ink. The base is mould-made from 100% cotton rag, is naturally acid- and lignin-free, and is buffered to ensure longevity. The new Platinum Rag currently comes on a 285g base, in rolls and cut sheets.

"I love Premier's products and have used them for several years. The quality of the papers and canvas are the best I've used. My favorite paper right now is their fiber-based Platinum Rag, which has a luster finish on a beautiful 285gsm cotton-fiber surface. I use it for wall prints, wedding albums, and more. Matte Bright White is great for engagement albums and proofing, and their Luster is also fantastic."
-Bryan Linden, Santa Clarita, CA

© Jim Divitale

Red River Paper
Arctic Polar Luster features a deep luster finish, which offers the perfect balance between deeply saturated color and minimized gloss reflectivity. With pigment inks, this greatly reduces gloss differential and bronzing. Compatible with any inkjet printer, Arctic Polar Luster offers a high-end photo-feel that will feed consistently, withstand handling, and show minimal fingerprinting.

"As a professional photographer, I can't waste time or supplies trying to get jobs completed. To be competitive in printing, I need consistent quality along with multiple size choices for the different printers I use. I found that the UltraPro Satin from Red River to be just the right surface for me to print on. When I show a print, I want to feel confident it's going to be the best I can make it."
-Jim Divitale, Atlanta, GA