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The Ol' Soft(ware) Sell
Edit your images, manage your studio, and market your work with the latest software innovations

PXL Soft
Category: Slideshow, Other
Dg Foto Art-Gold is a comprehensive suite to create digital albums. Gold is bundled with more than 1,700 templates and huge collections of filters, frames, backgrounds, borders, and clip art. Tools like Levels, Curves, and Histograms have been added that aid in color correction. With the option to print anywhere, and tools like slideshows and contact sheets, Gold is a tool that pro photographers can use to leave their mark on their creative work.

StudioPlus Software
Category: Studio Management, Workflow
StudioPlus is the only all-in-one software system that combines total digital workflow with a complete set of business management tools. StudioPlus uniquely addresses the business of running a professional photography studio-from scheduling, marketing, order tracking, invoicing, and client management to capturing, sales presentations, composite templates, output, and archiving. StudioPlus is designed to revolutionize your day-to-day operations and turn your creativity into a successful photography business.

"StudioPlus has proven to be a solid studio program that allows us to present, choose, order, invoice, and track our orders from beginning to end. Our employees have found it to be an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system."-Larry Peters

Category: Studio Management
SuccessWare photography studio management software is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. The software is designed to save you time and make your studio operations easier. But its main focus is to help you improve your bottom line by automating proven photography business management practices developed by Ann Monteith, Charles Haynes, and other photography industry experts. The accountants and consultants in PPA's Studio Management Services Program use SuccessWare to determine how studio owners can improve their photography businesses.

Vertus Tech
Category: Image Editing, Workflow
Fluid Mask 3 is a still-image masking tool, for Mac or PC, used as a stand-alone or plug-in. It uses an easy-to-master interface and workflow. Instantly showing key edges in the image, it provides comprehensive tools that work with tricky areas like hair. Features include: intuitive edge-finding tools; four outstanding edge-blending solutions; amazing automatic hair masking; and improved workflow features.

"There are only a few products out there that come along and actually change the way you work. That actually facilitates your creativity so you can be more productive. Fluid Mask is as vital to my photographic workflow as a camera lens." -Matt Hoyle