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Image Content Technology
Category: Image Editing
LucisArt is a Photoshop plug-in that reveals incredible detail throughout the image, in the bright, dark, and mid-range contrast areas simultaneously. LucisArt also has special effects to easily create beautiful and unique images. LucisArt is so easy to use that it can be mastered in minutes.

Image Trends
Category: Image Editing, Processing
Fisheye Hemi is a Photoshop plug-in that provides correction for hemispheric fisheye lens distortion. Fisheye-Hemi offers an aesthetically pleasing and natural view of the image using a unique mapping technology, not distorting subject's faces and bodies, and straightens vertical lines. It offers improved resolution of the image, plus it displays the intended composition and framing better than other unwarping programs.

Also from Image Trends: Shine Off, which automatically removes the shine from skin; PearlyWhites, which automatically whitens and brightens teeth; SensorKleen Pro, which automatically erases the dust and debris in a set of DSLR images; DustKleen, which automatically identifies dust and defects in a scanned image; and AutoMatting, which automatically creates a unique mat for each image.

"Before Fisheye-Hemi, I declined assignments that required a fisheye lens. Previously, the only fisheye correction option was rectilinear mapping techniques, which have drawbacks: they distort people and discard about one-third of the image. The Fisheye-Hemi advantage is superior distortion correction for people, and it retains what was captured in the viewfinder. The next time you need a fisheye lens to capture a scene with people, try the Fisheye-Hemi. It's a whole new way of seeing photographically."-Allison Earnest

Category: Image Editing
Noiseware is designed to remove noise with unsurpassed speed, picture quality, and ease-of-use. The Pro Plug-in software features the IntelliProfile algorithm with self-learning mode, which automatically creates a precision noise profile optimized for each individual image. Picture details are preserved using an advanced DetailGuard technique during the noise removal process. The presets deliver stunning results, while a range of intuitive controls allow for optional fine-tuning by luminance, tonal and color ranges, noise frequency, and region of interest. Now you can shoot at high ISOs under available light with absolute confidence in the results.

Portraiture eliminates the tedious labor of selective masking and pixel-by-pixel treatments to deliver accurate, natural-looking skin retouching in seconds. Intelligent skin masking and automated skin smoothening, along with batch-processing and optional finishing controls, provide superior results and a streamlined retouching workflow.
RealGrain is the plug-in software that enables you to "shoot film with a digital camera!" RealGrain features a comprehensive library of color and B&W film types and scan resolutions. Grain size is automatically adjusted based on physical output dimensions, and presets and custom controls are available for B&W conversions, split-toning, grain balance, and tonal and color fine-tuning.

Category: Image Management, Slideshow, Workflow, Other (Online Proofing)
imageQuix is the premier online proofing and image management system for pro photographers and photofinishing labs. imageQuix is a no-commitment uploading system with free membership signup and software for both Mac and PC. Uploads have no time limits, no contracts, no commissions, and no monthly or annual fees. Multiple order fulfillment options are available. Includes customized shopping basket, customer tracking, and emailing features. School software is now available.

"imageQuix has the most efficient, professional customer service reps I've ever dealt with in this industry. They never get irritated with me when I ask ridiculous questions, and they always help me until my issue is solved. Thank you for doing what you say, and not just saying, ‘We have great customer service.' It's quite refreshing to deal with such professional people. I will be raving about imageQuix to my friends and colleagues!"-Jana Candler

Kubota Image Tools
Category: Image Editing
Kubota Image Tools' third set of image enhancement Actions for Adobe Photoshop-Artistic Tools Volume Three-features 50 new actions for the professional photography community. This new volume contains a fresh variety of color enhancing, enriching, and beautifying actions for Photoshop CS or newer. Highlights include Velveteen, Satin B&W, Renaissance, Fashion Passion, Washout, Super Heroine, and Deep Forest.

"The Actions Kevin has created make my life so easy, and it makes my images go from okay to incredible."-Melissa Quijano